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New study says Netflix users keep tuning into linear TV


Could those cord-cutting fears be quelled? Netflix subscribers watch the same amount of linear TV as non-Netflix households, a new study from TiVO Research and Analytics has found.

The May 2013 study on the traditional TV watching behaviors of self-identified Netflix subscribers reveals that subscribing to Netflix is not eating into the amount of linear television viewing in TiVo households.

Among the study’s key findings is the fact that 50% of respondents who subscribe to Netflix also subscribe to Amazon Prime, and 18% are members of Hulu Plus. Only 8% subscribe to all three over-the-top services. Also, Netflix households that reported viewing House of Cards, watched 85% more HBO series than non-Netflix households.

Of course, that doesn’t mean Netflix isn’t doing all it can to blur the lines between on-demand and traditional TV. The service has significantly escalated its original production and licensed children’s content activity over the past few months.

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  • Eóin Cunningham

    The key phrase here is “TiVo households”. In other words, the survey was based on a subset of Netflix users who also have a TiVo, and by definition haven’t yet cut the cord from their cable service. Any analysis that tries to make the larger inference that Netflix users as a whole aren’t watching less cable TV is therefore fundamentally flawed.

  • Trent88

    I wish Netflix would just go back to being the very, very best at delivering DVD and Blu-Ray content with a massive, extensive library. I don’t care about its new programs, and I really miss being able to find virtually any movie I want. No service like that exists anymore as studios become so competitive they all want to “own” the system for viewing their movies.


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