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Nabi Jr. tablets get loaded with Nickelodeon content


Kid-friendly Nabi Jr. tablets will be stocked with preloaded Nickelodeon content, including apps, games and videos, following a new multi-year content and accessories deal between the children’s cablenet and tablet maker Fuhu.

The recently launched touchscreen Nabi Jr. tablet will be filled with educational apps, games and videos from preschool series including Dora the Explorer, Team Umizoomi and Bubble Guppies. A line of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles-inspired mobile tablet accessories, such as character bumpers, Kinabis and stands, will also be available nationwide this spring and will range in price from US$19.99 to US$79.99.

The nabi Jr. product will undoubtedly fall in line – and into the hands – of Nickelodeon’s preschool audience.  The US$99 five-inch Android tablet was first introduced in December in a market defined by educational software competitors LeapFrog and VTech and has been designed to offer technical features and educational content specifically for the youngest of mobile users.

The deal comes as Nickelodeon grows its presence on iPad devices with the all-new Nick App interactive platform.

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  • margarita

    Why are no comment

  • cherene

    Ummm when will nick jr be preloaded????

  • Juan A Reyes

    They keep showing commercials and my kids keep asking for the games I bought it for that reason. Still no apps don’t buy it.

  • Upset granddaughter

    Where are the apps? We bought the tablet but there are not any games.

  • Rosa

    Help how do I get those apps

  • Christa

    We just got one – still no Nick apps. What a sham.

  • chara

    I bought nabi jr for my son I turned it on seen that nick jr had noting on it an could not buy then nether so I took it back I didn’t even let him see because I didn’t want to disappoint him

  • sami

    tontos :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • scott2917

    I saw somewhere that it a special edition nabi Jr coming out in September. I’m bummed because thats why I bought it :(

  • JazzyB

    My daughter loves it. She spends hours watching, reading & playing with all the nick jr apps. She’s 2yrs old & it’s the best thing for a kid her age that enjoys nick jr.

  • Kim

    So you bought the nick jr version and it came with the nick jr apps? I’ve been reading they didn’t have the nick jr apps but is see you just bought this so I’m guessing they now come with the apps!!

  • Neal Rudnick

    We got the nabi jr march 2013 and no wings program or nick jr apps on it. I keep asking about it on nabi facebook page and all they say to do is keep checking my settings for updates. Just got a stupid update that just gave us a preview of wings, nothing else. Do not buy this. It is a rip off and if I recall this is bait and switch which is illegal. I can’t even download apps on it. It has to be jailbroken to do it and I can’t figure out how to do it.

  • Guest

    Only the NICK JR NABI will have all the Nick Jr apps downloaded

  • JobobHenryBob

    Maybe you should buy the full size one for yourself. You know, to learn how to read sand write.

  • Alex

    is there an update for the original nabi jr. to get the nickelodeon stuff on it??? Im mad i dont want my original one I want the nickelodeon one. now what do I do???
    this sucks!!!

  • Crystall Lutes

    just so everybody knows, im extremely irritated by the false advertisement too…BUT you can download the amazon app store onto the nabi jr so you can basically put anything you want on them….we have Netflix on my kids nabi jrs which is way better than what it comes with, along with tons of games. go to youtube type in how to put apps on nabi jr!

  • Veronica Abigail Jordan-Hubble

    I got the nabi for my 2 year old, yes I know its age range but she does quite well with it. My problem is my husband and I can not figure out how to download more Dora. The episodes are OK but they are only 2 minutes long. Even at 2 she doesn’t want to watch the same clip constantly. This nabi is suppose to be backed by nick Jr but finding a series from nick Jr is practically impossible. If anyone has any insight to this device I would love help with it.

  • Cher

    Speaking of reading and writing… Maybe check your own post LOL… You spelled and as sand!!!


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