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Buffalo Gal and Entremedia Digital launch new prodco

Buffalo Media Group will produce live action and animated feature film and TV projects and new media content, and provide VFX services out of its Canadian offices in Toronto and Winnipeg.
December 18, 2012

Winnipeg, Canada-based Buffalo Gal Pictures and Toronto’s Entremedia Digital Films have joined forces to form Buffalo Media Group (BMG).

The new company will produce live-action and animated feature film and TV projects from its offices in Toronto and Winnipeg. BMG will also create new media content and provide VFX services.

“This partnership comes at an important time in our industry. With media formats and platforms continuing to evolve, it’s integral that companies keep up with the changing demand of programming and delivery. We’re ready to do that,” said Phyllis Laing, Buffalo Gal Pictures president and CEO of BMG in a statement.

Entremedia Digital Films founder, and now BMG president, Dan Krech added that the merging of the two companies will capitalize on their relative experience in animation and production.

“With our combined talents, networks and resources, Buffalo Media Group is sure to be positioned as leaders in the ever-shifting media landscape,”  he said in his own statement, adding the new venture brings “strong team members” to the table, like Entremedia head of production Jeff Bell, who was previously VP technology at Starz.

BMG has also hired on new key execs to drive company growth and promote its projects to the international audience.

Kevin Hicks comes on board as VP sales and marketing, and Ken Zorniak joins the company as VP operations and business development.

Buffalo Gal and Entremedia are currently at work on Emma’s Wings: A Bella Sara Tale, with Opus Visual Effects.

The project is the first on which Buffalo Gal’s Laing and Entremedia’s Krech have worked together.

The 3D feature, based on a virtual fantasy world of horses that originated in Denmark, is being filmed at the Opus Animation Studio in Winnipeg.

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