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The Muffin Meeting

This week, check out my heart-to-heart with 3rd & Bird's Muffin where we discuss the ups and downs of the toy biz.
November 20, 2012

JOSH:             Muffin!  Long time no see!

MUFFIN:        Hi, Mr. Josh.  Thank you for taking time from your dumb Small Potatoes to see Muffin.

JOSH:             Sure.  Can I get you anything?  Water?  Seeds?

MUFFIN:        No thank, you.  Muffin just has some questions.

JOSH:             Sure, Muffin.  What would you like to know?

MUFFIN:        Why you no make more episodes of 3rd & Bird?!

JOSH:             Oh.  Well, that’s a very good question, Muffin.  But I’m not sure I can give you a quick answer.

MUFFIN:        Muffin has all day.  Not working at the moment.

JOSH:             Okay.  Well, Muffin, remember all those really cute 3rd & Bird toys we made?

MUFFIN:        Oh, yeah!  Singing Muffin!  Dancing Muffin!  Birdbath Muffin!  Muffin loved Muffin toys!

JOSH:             Right.  Well, nobody bought them.

MUFFIN:        Nobody?  Muffin bought them.

JOSH:             Well, you may be the only one.

MUFFIN:        Oh.  How come no one bought Muffin toys?  People no like Muffin?

JOSH:             Actually, Muffin, people liked you a lot.  And they liked 3rd & Bird, too.  

MUFFIN:        So, what up with the toys?

JOSH:             To tell you the truth, Muffin, I don’t really know.  It’s hard to predict which shows will sell toys.

MUFFIN:        Even for Mr. Josh?

JOSH:             Especially for Mr. Josh.

MUFFIN:        Oh.  Muffin sad.

JOSH:             Listen, Muffin, here’s the problem.  It costs a lot of money to make a TV show.

MUFFIN:        How much?

JOSH:             Millions of dollars.

MUFFIN:        Oooo.

JOSH:             And people who spend money on preschool shows really like to make their money back.

MUFFIN:        How do they make money back?

JOSH:             Well, usually by selling toys.

MUFFIN:        Ohhh.  It’s all coming together now.  So, maybe people who spent money on 3rd & Bird lost money?

JOSH:             Maybe.

MUFFIN:        Are they sad, too?

JOSH:             Yes, Muffin, very sad.  And they don’t want to spend more money on 3rd & Bird.  At      least not right now.

MUFFIN:        Oh!  Muffin has an idea!  Why doesn’t Mr. Josh spend his money and make more episodes of 3rd & Bird!?

JOSH:             Well, Muffin, once upon a time there were lots of people who spent their own money on their own TV shows.

MUFFIN:        And…

JOSH:             And it didn’t turn out so well for them.  Some of them even went out of business.

MUFFIN:        Ouchy.

JOSH:             You said it.  So Mr. Josh tries not to spend his own money on his TV shows.  If he can help it.

MUFFIN:        Muffin get it.  So, bottom line is Mr. Josh cannot help Muffin, can he?

JOSH:             I’m trying, Muffin.  I really am.  3rd & Bird is on TV in China now and they tell me it’s doing quite well.

MUFFIN:        Really?  Do they have Muffin toys in China?

JOSH:             They do.  And we’re all hoping they sell.

MUFFIN:        So, if lots of Chinese people buy Muffin toys then will Muffin get to make more episodes?

JOSH:             There’s always that possibility.

MUFFIN:        Yay!  Muffin happy!

(SINGS)          Do da Muffin!  Da Muffin!

Shake-a-shake!  Da Muffin!

Ah!  Ah!  Ooo!


MUFFIN:        Cute, right?

JOSH:             Very cute, Muffin.

MUFFIN:        Want to see it again?

JOSH:             No.

MUFFIN:        Well, Muffin is going to China now to help sell Muffin toys!  Maybe Muffin can do Muffin Dance in a mall?!

JOSH:             Have fun, Muffin.  Thanks for stopping by.

MUFFIN:        Anytime!  Oh, Mr. Josh?

JOSH:             Yes, Muffin.

MUFFIN:        Muffin hates Small Potatoes.

JOSH:             I know, Muffin.  I get your e-mails.

MUFFIN:        Bye!

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