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StoryToys adds Sleeping Beauty to its catalogue of 3D interactive kids books

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Dublin, Ireland-based kids interactive book and games publisher StoryToys is launching a new interactive storybook, Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty 3D Interactive Pop-up Book for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

StoryToy’s Grimm series has garnered more than a million downloads to date and Sleeping Beauty is the company’s most interactive title yet, including a host of interactive 3D pop-up scenes, music, narration and comical sound effects.

The classic princess tale features games and puzzles that draw them into the story. In the interactive pop-up scenes they can dress up fairies, experience a princess birthday party, navigate a 3D maze and solve a magical musical puzzle.

Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty is narrated in English, German, French and Spanish as well as user selectable US and UK narrations. Features include a read-to-me, read-it-myself, and autoplay modes as well as touch and drag interactive elements to perform tasks in the 3D pop-up scenes.


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