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Nintendo launches toy-integrated game


On the heels of Disney launching its line of iPad-compatible toys, gaming giant Nintendo is trying its hand at virtual-toy integration as the company looks to combat falling hardware sales.

In comes Wappy Dog, the first video game-controller toy pet that was developed and published for the Nintendo DS platform by Activision Publishing in association with Sega Toys.

Available today for US$50, Wappy Dog combines virtual and physical pet companionship, including both an electronic toy dog and a coinciding Nintendo DS video game. The toy and video game are synced via features like a microphone and touch sensors.

Players can raise Wappy through five distinct age phases, from playful puppy to full-grown pooch, and the dog’s voice, songs, and behavior all change to match its maturation level. Each pet provides a customizable experience including stickers that come bundled free with the game and the ability to choose digital accessories and color options. Because it is designed for the portable DS platform, the game also allows kids to switch between Travel and Home modes.

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  • keithmaxx

    A rather interesting “gaming” concept, one that will appeal more to parents who are a bit more averse to exposing their children to video gaming and, possibly at the same time, would like to have pets at home as well for everyone in the family to enjoy having.

  • nintendo ds accessories

    This toy is looking so cute. I think this toy game will impress every kids from the age of 3-10.


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