Who Inspires You?

In her new Kidscreen blog, consultant Kate Ebner, Business Channel radio host of "Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life," asks what inspires you to be a better leader.
October 24, 2011

A few months ago, I stepped into a new role as host of an online radio show called “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life” on VoiceAmerica Business Channel. My idea was to interview an inspiring and visionary guest each week whose experiences and insights can help us all be better leaders and live more inspired lives. Initially, I asked 50 colleagues and friends to recommend guests for the show. To my amazement, within three days, more than 300 people had been nominated! It turns out that we are all inspired by each other.  Nominees range from the legendary Gerry Laybourn to amazing National Geographic Explorers to a retired schoolteacher from my hometown,Tom Connors, who has built a successful post-retirement business and a happy life based on integrity and quiet purpose.

We’ve done 10 shows to date and have attracted more than 6,000 listeners – a great start for this new venture.  And I’m having fun learning on-air from truly inspiring people from all walks of life.

In this inaugural blog, I’d love to know:  Who inspires you?  Why?

I hope you’ll read this blog weekly for ideas about how you can be both inspired and inspiring. And do join me each week on VoiceAmerica for “Visionary Leader, Extraordinary Life.”

Very best,

Kate Ebner

The Nebo Company

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