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Arcade-style video game picks up pace, licensing agent

The Beast Farmer iPhone games, which within three months of their launch in 2010 became the number-one kids' games in 64 countries with more than one million downloads, have a new licensing agent in boutique agency The Sharpe Company.
August 29, 2011

Boutique IP agency The Sharpe Company has been named the worldwide licensing agent for the multi-platform Beast Farmer franchise.

From indie studio Industrial Brothers, the Beast Farmer gaming concept began with a series of iPhone games, which, within three months of their launch in 2010, became the number-one kids’ iPhone game in 64 countries with more than one million downloads.

Outside of mobile devices, Industrial Brothers has created a multi-platform interactive world for console and MMOG wherein players will be able to choose a Beast Farmer tribe and territory on the lost world of Beast Planet, which they will be able to enter into competitions with other online players in real time.

The licensing program has already kicked off with Sharpe signing a deal with Egencie, creators of, to develop a Beast Farmer social website and online virtual world including web games and activities. Additionally, Mishme Enterprises, an online development company based in Australia, will incorporate Beast Farmer into their patented animated message delivery system for browsers and apps. All other categories are open for business and the company is currently seeking out both game developers and publishers.

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