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This week, Eurodata TV has provided us with the ratings for the top-five programs with kids four to 12 in Japan.
April 16, 2010

The top-five programs in Japan for kids four to 12 between March 8 and April 4, 2010:

1. Sazae-San, Fuji TV (CX) (April 4, 31.9% rating, 84.9% share)

2. Crayon Shin-Chan, TV Asahi (EX) (March 12, 31.7% rating, 79.3% share)

3. Doraemon, TV Asahi (EX) (March 12, 28.9% rating, 80.5% share)

4. Kaidan Restaurant, TV Asahi (EX) (March 9, 26.9% rating, 59.4% share)

5. Pokeman DP, TV Tokyo (TX) (March 18, 23.7% rating, 56.3% share)

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