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Jelly Jamm gets kids in the groove
January 20, 2010

Jelly Jamm gets kids in the groove

The magical planet of Jammbo is the setting for Jelly Jamm, a new 52 x 11-minute CGI series from Spanish prodcos Secuoyas and Vodka Capital. Jammbo appears grey and arid, but its countless colored craters serve as the gateway to forests, towns and beaches where its inhabitants get to express themselves through music. It’s a place with a constant groove, where even the wind rustling the trees seems to create melody.

Aimed at four- to six-year-olds, the comedic musical series is driven by five characters, each with distinct personalities, colors and instrument-inspired sounds. Bello is the daring and active leader of the group, while Ongo is absent minded. Goomo is timid, Rita possesses an insatiable curiosity, and Mina brings a bit of sensibility and stubbornness. It’s only when they all agree to work together that they can make music known as the Jelly Sound.

A musical number is also part of each episode. So in one storyline, for example, we see the characters playing musical tennis. One of the balls gets knocked over a large hedge, presenting a real problem when the friends realize the ball has landed in a sealed maze. Four of them use their musical sounds to find their way into the maze, but obstinate Mina refuses to participate. When the quartet wind up trapped and confused, a song about being lost and found erupts. When their energy starts flagging, Mina pitches in to give her pals the boost that enables them to find each other and the way out.

The US$11.3-million series has been developed as a multi-platform brand to be rolled out across TV, music, toys, home entertainment, video games and online as a virtual world. Delivery for the first 13 eps is slated for fall 2010.

Nothing but net for SKeT

French studio Panache Animation’s latest toon for kids six to nine, SKeT, is set in the ultra-cool world of street basketball. The flashy moves and extreme stunts that brand the urban sport have spilled off the makeshift courts and into the daily lives of its players, spawning a new lingo and dress code among kids living in cities all over the world.

In keeping with the inventive nature of the sport, SKeT is a 52 x 13-minute series that takes place in futuristic Atlantia – a floating city set adrift somewhere in the middle of an endless ocean. At its core is artful and ambidextrous Malo and his best friends/SKeT teammates – nerdy but skilled dunker Kim-Ulrich and the stylish and talented Paola. SKeT, the game, weaves itself into every facet of their lives, and an often comedic and always fast-paced narrative drives the series.

Like any counter-culture activity, SKeT has its fair share of opponents and the series pits fans (the builders) against officers of the state (the unbuilders) who police the sport, demolish illegal street courts and shut down underground games. As Malo journeys to take part in the greatest SKeT tourney in the city, he’s continually confronted by his nemesis, Karian Drexel, the manager of the SKeT Pro League. The elitist tyrant’s triplets make up the best team in the city and are the only thing standing in the way of Malo winning the ultimate tournament.

It’s early days for the project, which is budgeted at US$9.3 million and should be delivered sometime next year.

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