March Entertainment heads down the movie route

Toronto, Canada-based prodco March Entertainment is keeping busy with a duo of new movie-related initiatives.
November 30, 2009

Toronto, Canada-based prodco is keeping busy with a duo of new movie-related initiatives.

A partnership with toy maker Playmobil will see the two co-producing a series of interactive movie DVDs for the toyco for the five and up crowd.

March, along with XLT and Toonz, will be working on the movies, which will be distributed by Sony Pictures Television International. The first titled The Secret of Pirate Island is available through retailers such as Best Buy, Toys ‘R’ Us, Costco, Walmart and online retailers such as Amazon, as well as through select Playmobil distributors.

The full-length, interactive movies let viewers choose their path with a DVD menu. Pirate Island, for example, houses 27 possible story combinations. The series will boast a range of themes with fantasy worlds, adventure and comedy and musical numbers.

March and co. plan to release one movie each year. Knight’s Adventure: Quest for the Golden Scepter is currently in production and is based on Playmobil’s Knights playset.

Meanwhile, the prodco will also be releasing a full-length movie prequel to its animated adventure series Dex Hamilton: Alien Entomologist.

Dex Hamilton: Fire and Ice, along with the TV series, will begin airing on almost every continent this winter. The 2-D and and cel-shaded 3-D animated movie delves into the back story of the title entomology student as he and his team of entomologists save the planet and their bugs from a swarm of threatening insects.

It will premiere in Canada on the CBC in late December, followed by the launch of the series in early 2010. Targeting boys and girls six to 12, the movie will also see limited theatrical release and will be released on DVD next year. The franchise will continue its expansion next spring with an interactive browser-based game called Dex Quest.

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