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Epic Mickey win
November 25, 2009

Epic Mickey win
This is Mickey Mouse like you’ve never seen him before. Disney Interactive Studios is currently in development with Junction Point on adventure-platformer Disney Epic Mickey for the Wii. Slated for a fall 2010 release, the game lets players delve into sorcerer Yen Sid’s (from The Sorcerer’s Apprentice) Cartoon Wasteland. The iconic mouse stumbles into the beautiful twisted world and accidentally upends it, encountering Disney’s first toon star, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who resents Mickey’s popularity. It’s then up to Wiimote-wielding players to set things right.

MouthOff with Ben 10
Ever wanted to talk like an alien? UK-based digital design company ustwo is making it happen with Ben 10′s cast of aliens, thanks to a new deal with Turner Broadcasting UK. As ustwo’s first foray into licensing, the MouthOff app lets kids emulate their favorite Ben 10 characters by simply placing the iPhone on their own mouths. The graphics on the handset then correspond to their oral movements. Rarrrgh!

Beyond the tollbooth
It’s been almost 50 years, but Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer, collaborators on classic kidlit novel The Phantom Tollbooth, are teaming up again. Scholastic imprint Michael di Capua Books will release The Odious Ogre picture book in fall 2010 in the US and Canada. It follows the story of a rotten, havoc-wreaking ogre who encounters a friendly girl who teaches him a lesson.

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