Disney, FreshTV and others score Pulcinella Awards

In a surreal three-hour ceremony held on Saturday night in Rapallo, Cartoons on the Bay's esteemed Pulcinella Awards were given out to this year's winners.
April 7, 2009

In a surreal three-hour ceremony held on Saturday night in Rapallo, Cartoons on the Bay’s esteemed Pulcinella Awards were given out to this year’s winners.

It was somewhat difficult for myself and the other non-indigenous attendees to follow along since the entire presentation was conducted in Italian, but in between xylophone numbers, politicians bantering and a dude who cut butterflies and birds out of paper, here’s how the prize parade played out.

Sony’s PS3 game LittleBigPlanet, which dazzled with its wide array of customization and online community tools, took home the Interactive Animation award. And in the Cross Media Project category, Italy’s Antoniano Production and partner Rai Fiction won with Toons ‘n Tunes Zecchino D’Oro. Jury member Alice Cahn presented this one, and I will be giggling for months thinking about the bombastic Italian TV presenter hostess mispronouncing Alice’s name as Al-ee-chay.

In the core TV categories, Disney’s Phineas and Ferb walked away with the TV Series for Kids prize, while 6Teen from Canada’s Fresh TV dominated in the TV Series for Tween Generation field. The biggest underdog win of the evening came when Italian-French CGI co-production Taratabong! The World of Meloditties (Toposodo/Rai Fiction/Ellipsanime) beat out Henson’s Sid the Science Kid and Little Airplane’s 3rd and Bird and The Wonder Pets! in the TV Series For Preschool. Little Airplane didn’t leave empty-handed, though. The NY-based studio won a special jury prize for music and had to figure out a way to get the Pulcinella home without tipping the baggage scales – that sucker’s really heavy!

Editor’s note: Acknowledging that ‘lost in translation’ wasn’t just a great movie title, we wanted to correct an oversight on our report from the Pulcinella Awards that took place in Rapallo, Italy over the past weekend. In trying to keep up with the all-Italian ceremony, we missed a few award recipients and wanted to give the winners their due. Taking the prize for Best TV Series was the Mike Young Productions, Ki.Ka/Ard, Taffy Productions, Method Films, Telegael Teo co-pro Cosmic Quantum Ray, while UK-based Gili Dolev’s Ugly Duckling was named best short film, Canada’s Jibber Jabber Toons got the nod for creating the Best Character in its animated series Jibber Jabber and Descendents from Germany’s Studio Film Bilder took home Best European Programme.

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