Kavaleer and Copernicus ink co-pro deal on Garth and Bev

Ireland's Kavaleer Entertainment and Halifax, Canada's Copernicus Studios are joining forces to co-produce the 2-D animated series Garth and Bev.
February 11, 2009

Ireland’s Kavaleer Entertainment and Halifax, Canada’s Copernicus Studios are joining forces to co-produce the 2-D animated series Garth and Bev.

The Canuck animation studio has come aboard to create the 2-D toon with a hand-drawn feel. Copernicus president Paul Rigg will be at the helm as executive producer of the 52 x 11-minute series is set in the Bronze Age, where Garth and his sister live with their Druid grandfather Lir, who uses his ancient magic to transport the siblings through time to meet great historical minds, from Leonardo Da Vinci to Albert Eienstein, learning about science and invention.

Garth and Bev is being distributed by BBC Worldwide, with Picture Box onboard in Canada. The series is set to air in Kavaleer’s home turf on RTE this coming September and is slated to launch on CBeebies in March 2010.

Kavaleer’s executive producer Gary Timpson says that the educational and discovery aspect will be key elements in the series, which targets kids four to seven, and will revolve around its tagline that ‘nature got there first.’ Rigg adds that the companies are looking into expanding the property’s web presence and though it’s early days yet, he says that kid-centric, educational games that explore cultural and historic themes will play an online role.

On the consumer products front, publishing will be a major focus for property, along with traditional categories such as toys and apparel. Timpson and Rigg will be on deck at KidScreen Summit in New York this week, seeking out presales and licensing opportunities, and the pair is already in conversations with potential partners.

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