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What better timing than the week of Licensing International to get our panel of international consumer products peeps to weigh in on the positive industry trends to watch out for in the next 12 to 18 months. Today we've got Mark Northwood, VP of merchandise licensing for the Americas, Nelvana Enterprises and Clare Piggot, VP of consumer products, Nickelodeon UK.
June 11, 2008

Mark Northwood

VP of merchandise licensing for the Americas, Nelvana Enterprises

Though the licensing business may appear bleak in the US market with talks of recession, this is not the case in many parts of the world. The population is exploding in many countries, and GNPs are increasing, giving the licensing industry a growing global market. We continue to see strength in Latin America and are now beginning to see growth in Eastern Europe. So it’s more productive to gage the state of the industry from a global perspective.

Clare Piggott

VP of consumer products, Nickelodeon UK

There are challenges of course: a tough economic climate and difficulties with Chinese manufacture are, for me, two of the most serious. But both these problems can be overcome. I believe we will relearn how to work with China. As for the economy, it’s clearly going to be about standing out on shelves to get that sale – and I firmly believe that the industry will rise to the challenges we’re facing at retail and will develop some fantastic product. But my choice of positive industry trend is simple. It’s ‘here come the girls’. 2007 was all about boy’s films and product. This year, there’s a lot more going on for girls in licensing terms. We are redressing the balance – and not before time.

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