Global Pitch Guide ’08

Cartoon Network UK
January 1, 2008

Cartoon Network UK

Cecilia Persson

VP of programming, acquisitions and presentation

Looking for: Animated comedies or action-comedies for kids ages six to 11, with a boy skew for Cartoon Network and Cartoon Network Too. As for Boomerang, Persson is on the hunt for gender-neutral live-action comedies for the six to 14 demo, while entertaining, interactive and educational programming (ideally with some pre-existing brand awareness) is on her radar for Cartoonito, which targets two- to five-year-olds.

Preferred approach: Creators can email pitches to acquisitions executive Richard Rowe ( or send them via snail mail addressed to Rowe at Turner Broadcasting’s London office (16 Great Marlborough Street, London, England, W1F 7HS, United Kingdom).

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, LA Screenings, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

Cartoon Network US

Michael Ouweleen

SVP of development

and creative direction

Looking for: Comedies and action-adventures with a heavy dose of comedy in the form of calendar specials, feature-length animation and live-action series. Any serious contenders must have great verbal and visual jokes, fast pacing, high-quality animation and an approachable edge. Action-adventure fare, meanwhile, must have a good mix of action and comedy and revolve around characters with depth. It takes a minimum of 26 episodes to launch a strip, and CN requires all rights to acquisitions to ensure the broadest platform reach.

Preferred approach: Never cold call or email. For acquisitions or co-productions, send a pitch package with demo disks, synopsis, character bios and sample storylines via mail to Daniel Wineman, manager of acquisitions and co-pros at 1050 Techwood Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 30318-5604.

For original series, it’s best to address pitches to Heather Kenyon, senior director of development at Cartoon Network Studios, 300 North Third Street, Burbank, California, 91502.

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen

Summit, Toy Fair, Tokyo Anime



Jesse Cleverly

Head of co-production and acquisitions,

drama and animation department

Looking for: Originality, energy and quality in both live-action series and animated series for six- to 11-year olds. While Cleverly is interested in acquiring comedies for all ages, he’s also searching for animation that appeals to kids under nine, and live-action shows for nine to 11s (possibly even younger when it comes to girl-skewing fare).

Preferred approach: Mail pitch materials to Cleverly at E501, BBC TV Centre, Wood Lane E817, London, England W12 7RJ, United Kingdom. For commissions, refer to the CBBC website ( for instructions on submitting proposals via the e-commissioning system.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

CBeebies (UK)

Michael Carrington

Controller of CBeebies

Looking for: Active, fun content for preschoolers ages zero to six. Carrington is interested in properties for both boys and girls that inspire creativity and imagination either through direct storytelling or more formatted content.

Preferred approach: Initial ideas can be sent by post to Carrington at BBC East Tower, Room E1015, London, England, W12 7RJ, United Kingdom. For formal pitches, CBeebies runs one commissioning round per year. Submissions must be made via the net’s electronic system. Full application details are published on in March.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

Corus Kids (Canada)

Jocelyn Hamilton

VP of content


Looking for: Either animated or live-action comedy commissions and acquisitions that are quirky and fun for the net’s core eight to 12 demo. YTV is also expanding its reality block to include kid-relatable, adventurous, fun, humorous and aspirational content. Interactive programming that will work well as a multi-platform concept is also of interest. On the acquisitions front, action-comedies, movies and comedies that appeal to a wider family audience are a shopping-list mainstay.

Treehouse TV

Looking for: Safe TV shows for two- to five-year-olds upon which Treehouse has built its reputation with parents. Hamilton always has her eyes open for quality entertainment that engages preschoolers in a fun and inspiring way.

Discovery Kids Canada

Looking for: Programming for four- to 11-year-olds that includes informative and entertaining content with an emphasis on adventure, science and the environment. Real-world adventures and series that convey a curiosity for discovering more about the natural world are also on the net’s radar.

Preferred approach: Pitches for any of the three nets should be directed to content co-ordinator Leah Wolfson ( or mailed to Wolfson at 135 Liberty Street, Suite 101, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6K 1A7. She will channel them to the appropriate director of content for each brand – David Wiebe (director of content, YTV) and Jamie Piekarz (director of content, Treehouse TV & Discovery Kids).

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Banff World Television Conference, MIPTV, MIPCOM

Disney Channel (US)

Robin Agranoff

Executive director of program planning, scheduling & acquisitions

Looking for: Exceptional storytelling with characters that kids can relate to. Agranoff is also keen to get her hands on kid-driven family comedies in both series and movie formats for the six to nine set, and curriculum-based, story-driven shows for preschoolers.

Preferred approach: Send print and video pitch materials to Agranoff at Disney Channel, 3800 West Alameda Avenue, 20th floor, Burbank, California, 91505

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen


Discovery Kids Latin America

Peach Gibson

VP and channel director

Looking for: Fun and entertaining preschool shows that have a sense of discovery. In particular, Gibson has her eyes peeled for new shows that have an environmental angle. Pitchers should also take note of Discovery Kids’ mandate to provide a safe, positive and educational program environment.

Preferred approach: Email queries to Liliana Arrazola ( and/or DKLA’s director of programming Jessica Zwaiman (

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit,


Discovery Kids US

Dea Perez

VP of programming and operations

Looking for: After adding several new animated series to DK’s lineup over the past year, Perez is now in the market for live-action shows to complement the schedule. DK leans toward real-world programming that gives its core kid viewers a glimpse into the lives of kids from around the globe. Reality-based or narrative-driven stories should include children interacting with animals and nature, or feature kids experiencing exciting global adventures.

Preferred approach: All submissions must be made through Discovery’s online portal, which can be found at To protect both producers and the network, Perez says she can’t accept unsolicited pitches.

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, MIPCOM

EBS (Korea)

Thomas Nam

Head of acquisitions

Looking for: Preschool shows with strong storylines and characters to co-produce or acquire. Nam is also aiming to expand EBS’s audience to cover six- to 10-year-olds. Most Korean boys in that age range go for anime, which is largely unsuitable for EBS’s portfolio, so Nam is on the hunt for compelling, competitive shows that boys will love.

Preferred approach: Email Nam with characters and storylines ( and include promos or trailers if you have them.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Annecy, MIPCOM, Asia TV Forum, and Tokyo Anime Fair and Licensing International (on occasion).

Family Channel (Canada)

Sandra Walmark

Manager of original


Looking for: Gender-balanced live-action series for eight- to 14-year-olds that fall into the categories of light drama or comedy and fulfill Family’s never-a-dull-moment mandate. Something new in the channel’s mix is a focus on finding fare for younger kids ages two to seven for the Playhouse Disney block on Family and the newly launched Playhouse Disney Canada channel. Family will consider both animated and live-action series that exhibit the qualities that both Disney and Family represent in children’s and youth programming. Submissions should explicitly outline the project’s organic multiplatform potential.

Preferred approach: Walmark likes to see concepts at a very early stage and get in on development to help shape the project for Family or Playhouse Disney Canada audiences. Producers should call or email Walmark ( to gauge her interest in the project before sending in pitch materials. If there’s interest, pitches are either made in person or packages can be sent to The Family Channel, Brookfield Place, 181 Bay Street, Box 787, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5J 2T3.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, The Canadian Film and Television Producers Association Prime Time in Ottawa Conference, Banff World Television Conference, Ottawa International Animation Festival, MIPCOM, The Alliance for Children and Television Children and Media Conference

Five (UK)

Nick Wilson

Controller of children’s programming

Looking for: Dramas and documentaries for four- to seven-year-olds in the coming year. Programs with secondary revenue potentials are very interesting to Wilson, but he says good storytelling shouldn’t be jeopardized for the sake of a toy line. Pitchers should keep in mind that Five’s Milkshake preschool block reaches kids as old as seven. Wilson prefers co-production and commissioning, but he’ll take a gander at completed programs that are open to some regional reversioning.

Preferred approach: Send Wilson an email ( with your ideas to gauge his interest.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPCOM

France 3

Julien Borde

Head of kids programming

Looking for: Comedy series that appeal to families and kids ages six to 12. Borde is in the market for spin-offs of classic brands, in the vein of recent acquisitions like George of the Jungle, and new digitally driven series such as Viva Piñata. He is also interested in IPs with strong potential in the MMOG space. In terms of formats, Borde is particularly hot on series with a high count of short eps (i.e. 52 x 10 minutes or less) right now. He points to BRB Internacional’s Angus & Cheryl as a good example.

Preferred approach: Submissions can be sent to Borde via email (, and he also takes pitch meetings at markets and events.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit,

MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum,


Jetix Europe

Marc Buhaj

SVP of programming

Looking for: Character-driven comedy. Buhaj can take both live-action and animation, but is focusing on European toon productions at the moment. He’s open to half-hour formats,11- to 12-minute-long eps and shorts up to three minutes long. His team wants to have a hand in developing content with key creative talent, and Buhaj notes that hopefuls should pitch with multiplatform initiatives in mind. However, projects must be driven by their stories, and not interactive or consumer products plans.

Preferred approach: Send queries to Nathan Waddington, director of pan-European acquisitions ( Be sure to include initial designs, synopses and bios of key creative talent involved.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Tokyo Anime Fair, MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM


Paul Robinson

Managing director, worldwide

Looking for: Programs that have international appeal based on great storytelling and strong characterization. Robinson particularly likes shows with a unique look or angle. A learning component running through the narrative is essential for any preschool pick-ups. And of course, programs must be free from violence and highly entertaining. KidsCo will source programming from the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australasia, and is particularly interested in local productions from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, India, Korea and China to make its feeds in those regions feel more indigenous.

Preferred approach: The best way to get in touch is to email either Eddy Tan, head of programs worldwide (, or Robinson (

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Tokyo Anime Fair, MIPTV, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM, Asia TV Forum

Ki.Ka (Germany)

Sebastian Debertin

Head of fiction, acquisitions

and co-productions

Looking for: High-quality animated series and features in 2-D or CGI with a focus on six- to nine-year-olds. Debertin is also interested in projects with consumer products and multiplatform potential, and innovative yet mainstream content and design. Strong, positive characters and gender-neutral storylines are preferred. Live-action series for the tween demo with high production values and broad international appeal are also of interest.

Preferred approach: Email queries to Debertin’s assistant Constanze Spilling ( or send a full package, including bible, pilot scripts and any video footage that exists to her attention at Gothaer Strasse 36, 99094 Erfurt, Germany. You can also phone (49-361-218-1869) to briefly introduce the project, supported by a short fax (49-361-218-1850) with additional information. Ki.Ka will request further material if the initial correspondence piques Debertin’s interest.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Cartoon Movie, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

M6 (France)

Natalie Altmann

Head of children’s programs

Looking for: Series for a mixed audience of kids ages six to 12. Altmann’s interested in shows that favor humor and adventure with positive characters and values.

Preferred approach: It’s best to email the M6 Kids team ( first to see if the pitch fits the broadcaster’s needs. Then bibles, outlines, scripts and other materials can be mailed or presented in person at market meetings.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Bologna Book Fair, MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum, Cartoon Masters, MIPCOM, Ango°leme Comics Fair

The-N (US)

Amy Friedman

SVP of original programming

and creative director

Looking for: Comedies and dramedies about the teen experience. Friedman is interested in storylines and characters with bright, smart and funny edges. High school life fascinates the team at The-N (they never quite got over it), as do families (they all have them) and first job stories (oy, those jobs at the mall). The-N also loves character-based series and issue-driven dramas. Friedman’s ideal ratio is 75% comedy/dramedy to 25% drama.

Preferred approach: Send pitches via email to Essie Chambers, VP of development (, or development executive Gabrielle Howard (

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Banff World Television Conference, MIPCOM

Nickelodeon Australia

Deirdre Brennan

Director of programming

Looking for: The Nickelodeon schedule down under is open to animated and live-action comedy for tweens with content that translates to online and mobile platforms. Brennan is also exploring creative, distinctive Australian presales or short-form concepts that can travel internationally. For Nick Jr., Brennan will focus on original series, co-productions and international acquisitions, shifting away from third-party titles connected with ABC TV as it moves towards an all-rights stance with its programming strategy.

Preferred approach: Email an overview to gauge Brennan’s interest (, then follow up via snail mail with series materials (bible, script, screeners) to 5 Thomas Holt Drive, North Ryde Level 7, Ultimo Building A, Sydney, NSW 2113, Australia. There is also a comprehensive Local Production Guide available upon request.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPCOM


Debbie MacDonald

VP of programming

Looking for: Ideas that have a kid’s point of view and are very much creator-driven. MacDonald looks for multi-genre programming that the channel can co-produce, commission and acquire. Nick UK also runs a pilot scheme that aims to foster projects in all genres with a focus on live-action sitcoms. The net’s target audience spans two to 12, with Nickelodeon attracting kids age seven to 12, Nicktoons drawing four to nines, and Nick Jr. hitting core preschoolers. Animation must be comedy-driven, and preschool pitches should encourage kids to join in with the adventure.

Preferred approach: Email MacDonald ( or send pitches via snail mail to Nickelodeon UK, 15-18 Rathbone Place, London, England, W1T 1HU, United Kingdom.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit,

MIPTV, LA Screenings, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

Nickelodeon US

Adina Pitt

VP of programming and acquisitions, Nickelodeon and MTV Networks Kids & Family Group

Looking for: All genres, including comedy and science fiction, in both live-action and animation. Pitt says she’s open to specials and shorts in addition to series that target the two to five and six to 11 demos.

Preferred approach: It’s always best to call Pitt first or send an email ( to discuss the project prior to sending in materials. Pitch meetings will be set up after initial contact has been made and based on her interest in the project.

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen Summit, MIPCOM, MIPTV

Once TV (Mexico)

David Revilla Nallem

Head of children’s


Looking for: New properties attractive to both boys and girls ages seven to nine that revolve around strong characters, universal stories and smart humor (slapstick does not qualify). Revilla Nallem is looking to balance his slate with animated, live-action and documentary fare.

Preferred approach: Contact Revilla Nallem via email ( and include a link to your online screener, creator’s webpage or YouTube teaser.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPCOM


Linda Simensky

Senior director of children’s programming

Looking for: Programming originating from any medium geared to preschoolers ages two to five or kids six to nine. Simensky has no preference for animation over live-action and mixed media, but she insists on a strong educational curriculum. Keep in mind the pubcaster’s library has no room right now for literacy or social/emotional series. Be ready to explain how the series’ website would look, and give ideas as to how the program’s content might translate to other platforms.

Preferred approach: Send an e-mail with an overall series idea, an educational curriculum outline, character descriptions, four to five episode ideas and designs to Brad Pettingell at PBS Children’s Programming ( or via snail mail to 2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia, 22202.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, Ottawa International Animation Festival

Playhouse Disney (US)

Paula Rosenthal

VP of original programming

Looking for: Series exhibiting innovative approaches to storytelling and design that are suitable for the two to six demo.

Preferred approach: Rosenthal only accepts material submitted through an agent, lawyer or production company. She prefers to see print material first, including visuals and a creator profile, and then follow up with an in-person meeting if she’s interested.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

qubo (US)

Rick Rodriguez

President and GM

Looking for: High-quality animated, interactive programming for kids ages six to eight.

Preferred approach: Email all pitch queries to

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen

Summit, MIPCOM

RTL2 (Germany)

Andrea Lang

Head of animation

Looking for: Exciting and thrilling adventures, layered with levels of humor and comedy. Lang is hoping to unearth sophisticated content that creates co-viewing opportunities for boys, girls and families.

Preferred approach: Set up an in-person meeting with Lang or send a screener to her at Bavariafilm Platz, Kinderredaktion, Grunwald, 82031, Germany.

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, MIPCOM

Super RTL (Germany)

Frank Dietz

Head of acquisitions and co-productions

Looking for: Humor-driven animated series for families with at least 26 half hours in the works. Preschool isn’t a high priority for Dietz this year, but he says he’ll keep his eyes on what’s coming down the pipe. What is really on his radar are shows for the six to nine set with potential to hold down winning ratings in the competitive 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. slot. He also has some room for animated features, and for the first time is looking to scoop up a bit of live-action fare to round out the schedule.

Preferred approach: Send bibles, storylines and screeners to RTL Disney Fernehen, Richard-Byrd-Strasse 6, 50829 Koln, Germany. Dietz says including animation tests is helpful, but not absolutely required.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

Teletoon (Canada)

Caroline Tyre

Director of programming

Looking for: Animated and animation-related live-action series, shorts, movies and specials. Those with preschool and educational projects need not apply. More specifically, Tyre would like to pick up smart, relevant after-school dramedies and sitcoms that speak to media-savvy kids and tweens ages eight to 14. The net’s been busy of late building up its adult-skewing (ages 14 to 24) evening block, The Detour, and Tyre is on the hunt for more pop-culture-driven, unapologetic series and movies that push boundaries – think Robot Chicken and Tripping the Rift. She would like to see risky and edgy ideas for teen/adult shows that poke fun at the absurdities of life in the modern world. The Detour on Teletoon Pilot Project offers funding for pilots.

Preferred approach: Mail packages for shows in development to Dominique Dussault, project coordinator of original productions, at 2100 Ste. Catherine Street West, Suite 200, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3H 2T3. For acquisitions queries, send emails directly to Tyre (

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen


V-me (US)

Guillermo Sierra

Chief content officer and SVP

Looking for: Programming originating from any medium geared to preschoolers ages two to five or kids ages six to nine. Sierra has no preference for animation over live action and mixed media, but insists on a strong educational curriculum. Every show on V-me is handpicked from global sources, and factors like educational values, quality of production, attractiveness, innovation, cultural identification and ancillary opportunities are considered. Sierra will look at programs produced in any language, if its quality and educational aspects are strong and if its themes are relevant to the US Latino market.

Preferred approach: Send an email outlining the overall series idea, educational curriculum, characters and episode plot lines to Doris Vogelmann (, or you can go the snail mail route (V-me Media, 405 West 33rd Street, New York, New York, 10001).

Market circuit: Natpe, KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, MIPCOM, Spain TV Expo

VRAK.TV (French Canada)

Johane Landry

Director of acquisitions

Looking for: Contemporary, humorous animation for the six to 11 set and live-action dramas or comedies for kids ages nine to 14 and 15 to 17. Landry’s not interested in preschool series, and a French version should be already available or confirmed when pitching shows.

Preferred approach: Start off by sending an email with concise details and a synopsis of the project, including its target audience and available rights, directly to Visual material should be sent to 2100 Ste. Catherine Street West, Suite 700, Montréal, Quebec, Canada, H3H 2T3.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, LA Screenings, MIPCOM


Brigid Sullivan

VP of children’s education and interactive programming

Looking for: Entertaining, curriculum-oriented series for preschoolers and the six to eight and nine to 12 demos. Sullivan wants shows with partial or full funding, easily understood concepts or well-known brands, and a cross-platform strategy in place. She also needs proof that the series can be delivered on budget, and would like to see details about its creative team. Adding research data that demonstrates a need for the series is also a great idea and strongly encouraged.

Preferred approach: Email Eric Taub ( or mail him the pitch at One Guest Street, Boston, Massachusetts, 02135.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit,

MIPTV, Banff World Television

Conference, MIPCOM

YLE (Finland)

Virve ‘Vicky’ Schroderus

Acquisition executive

Looking for: Program pitches that include plans for new media distribution. Animated series (shorts, 10-minute, 13-minute or half-hour eps) and specials (from five minutes to a half hour in length) for preschoolers and core kids up to 12 years old have the best shot.

Preferred approach: Send Schroderus an email ( or post the details of the project to Tohlopinranta 31 P.O. Box 196, 33101, Tampere, Finland. All pitches should have synopses for at least three episodes, as well as main character designs.

Market circuit: KidScreen Summit, MIPTV, Annecy, Cartoon Forum, MIPCOM

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