In development: Studio B’s Look What My Sister Dragged In

Think sibling rivalry with an edge, and you'll get the idea behind this Flash-animated series from Vancouver, Canada's Studio B Productions.
March 7, 2007

Think sibling rivalry with an edge, and you’ll get the idea behind this Flash-animated series from Vancouver, Canada’s Studio B Productions.

The project was conceived in The B Hive, an in-house think tank for new concepts, and it premiered as a short at MIPCOM Jr. 2006. But the prodco went back to the drawing board and has spent the past six months fleshing the pitch out to include a wider cast of characters that will support 52 x 11 minutes. The basic premise is still the same – Millie brings home a mysterious, hairless ‘Kat’ that proceeds to make life miserable for her brother Coop.

Jillianne Reinseth, head of development for Studio B, says the show is still in the bible stage, and full episodes are currently being hammered out. She’s relying on creator Rob Boutillier’s quirky, yet classic vision for the show to yield strong outlines.

‘It’s a chase cartoon,’ she says. ‘It’s like Tom and Jerry or The Roadrunner. It’s about sibling rivalry taken to the extreme.’

The nature of the show lends itself to multiplatform delivery, says Reinseth, and broadcasters should expect to see full online applications, including games developed alongside the linear program.

Canuck kidcaster YTV bought in based on the initial short, co-producing the US$6.5-million series for its fall 2008 sked. Studio B is currently in talks with international broadcasters to lock in additional presales.

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