In development – tween manga melodrama from TV-L and Carpe Diem

Paris, France's TV-Loonland and Montreal, Canada's Carpe Diem have joined forces to bring a manga feel to young adult drama with My Life Me
February 7, 2007

Paris, France’s TV-Loonland and Montreal, Canada’s Carpe Diem have joined forces to bring a manga feel to young adult drama.

My Life Me, a 52 x 11 minute series, follows 12-year-old Manga artists Birch and her cousin Liam through the trials and tribulations of everyday life. The show will take a light look at adolescent foibles in a visually striking style created by rising manga star Svetlana Chmakova.

The pilot episode, The Pencil Assassin, finds Birch looking forward to her drawings being featured in the school paper. However, her friends are not impressed when they find out that Birch’s caricatures of them aren’t exactly flattering portraits. Sandra is livid at being drawn with bug eyes, and Liam is positive he can’t be that skinny. Unfortunately for the crew, the rest of the school loves the drawings. When Sandra posts an over-the-top sketch of Birch, she gets a taste of her own medicine. But, how will she react? Will it damage her friendships forever?

The melodrama is high, but so is the humour in the US$280,000 per ep program. A reported deal with Canuck kidcaster Teletoon is in the works, but producers are hoping to secure more presales in the near future. The expected delivery date is Q3 2008.

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