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Nat Geo helps U.S. kids find their place in the world
June 1, 2006

Nat Geo helps U.S. kids find their place in the world

With almost half of American kids ages eight to 17 unable to find India on a map, National Geographic has set out to rectify this generation’s woefully inadequate understanding of world geography. Along with leaders from both the public and private sectors such as the Smithsonian and Anheuser Busch Adventure Parks, Nat Geo created a five-year multimedia campaign dubbed My Wonderful World that aims to promote geographic literacy to U.S. youth.

Launched in May, web portal, is the on-line heart of the multi-pronged program. The site offers a fun and interactive way to link to geography and games for kids and teens. Resources for teachers and parents, such as suggestions for family outings to current museum exhibits and simple scavenger hunts with geographical clues, can also be found on the site. Additionally, public service announcements meant to prod parents and educators into getting kids interested in the subject hit the airwaves the same month.

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