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Hasbro ups its direct-to-consumer sales efforts
May 1, 2006

Hasbro ups its direct-to-consumer sales efforts

Roughly a year after launching its on-line shopping site, Hasbro is publishing a new consumer catalogue to showcase the toyco’s vast range of products and promote shopping from home. Everything from infant dolls to the latest electronic i-Dog MP3-compatible speaker is featured in the colorful 68-page publication, which the toy giant unveiled late last March. To make shopping easier, Hasbro divided the catalogue into four main sections – preschool, boys, girls and electronics and games. After finding the right product, customers can purchase it at major toy retailers, or shop on-line and have the order sent directly to them. The catalogue will be distributed to consumers on the company mailing list twice a year.

Insider tips on the U.K. toy market

U.K. kids entertainment industry insider

Nic Jones has created a monthly report that could help toycos gain an edge in the marketplace. Jones, the head of U.K. kids marketing agency Jammy Rascals, began publishing the monthly Rascals Report earlier this year. The report is essentially a compilation of price lists for kids products promoted at the U.K.’s four biggest toy retailers – Woolworth’s, Argos, Toys ‘R’ Us and Tesco. Toycos can use the report to track the status of their products as well as the competition. The products are arranged categorically, both by retailer and by promotion, and on-line retailers such as are also included. The standard report costs about US$225 per month, but that amount can go down if it is ordered for six months or a year. And those who are willing to shell out a few more for Jones’ services can receive a fully customizable report with specific product and store tracking. He’s now on the lookout for clients in the U.S. who are interested in the U.K. toy market.

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