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MoonScoop, MYP combine sales ops
February 1, 2006

MoonScoop, MYP combine sales ops

Distributor Taffy Entertainment has a new remit as a brand management company now that Paris, France’s MoonScoop owns a 51% stake in its L.A. parentco, Mike Young Productions. The two production houses have combined their libraries of more than 2,400 show hours and their licensing activities under the Taffy banner. Taffy has established a Euro office to complement its U.S. operations. Lionel Marty and Marie Conge continue as sales reps for MoonScoop’s titles and Regis Brown heads up MYP distribution in the States. On the licensing front Sebastien Fillion will manage MoonScoop properties on behalf of Taffy, while Eric Stein leads merch programs based on IPs from MYP. Series production will continue to be handled separately by the two parentcos.

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