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Daniel Cook crosses into the political arena
February 1, 2006

Daniel Cook crosses into the political arena

At first glance, political reportage might not seem like the most natural cross-promo opp for a children’s entertainment property, but the producers at Toronto, Canada’s marblemedia have discovered that it’s a good fit for the protagonist of its kid-targeted reality series This is Daniel Cook. Last month, Canadian terrestrial CTV signed up Daniel Cook – the eight-year-old host who interviews adults about their hobbies and careers – to submit weekly reports from his frank interviews with candidates running for the post of Prime Minister in Canada.

Based on the coverage of this campaign, marblemedia will now explore additional marketing and cross-promotional TV show opportunities for Cook outside Canada’s borders. In addition to Canadian nets TVOntario and Treehouse, This is Daniel Cook appears on the Disney Channel U.S.

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