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Kavaleer sinks its teeth into Dad The Impaler
January 1, 2006

Kavaleer sinks its teeth into Dad The Impaler

Most kids think their parents are weird, but Jack and Meg may not be far off the mark. After centuries of lurking about under the cloak of night, their bloodsucking dad decided to hang up his fangs and settle down, choosing former tomb-dwelling Mummy as his mate. Jack and Meg turn out relatively normal considering their parentage, but younger brother Sven isn’t so lucky. He has a bit of werewolf in him and thinks that anything luminous is the full moon (so if you’re opening a fridge door near him, watch out).

In one pun-filled episode, the clan frantically gets ready for its close-up after landing a spot on Crypts (think MTV’s Cribs with a monster factor). However, Renfield, a ghost of the previous homeowner, is set on disrupting the shooting. After mugging for the camera and literally scaring the pants off of Jack, Renfield lands his own reality-show deal and the producers end up leaving the footage of the fam on the cutting room floor, much to the disappointment of fame-crazed Mummy.

Tween-skewing Dad The Impaler attracted a lot of interest after its Cartoon Forum 2005 debut. Right now, a U.K.-based production house is close to signing on as a co-pro partner, while a Canadian broadcaster is making moves to secure presale rights. With a Q2 2007 delivery target, the first half-hour of the 26-episode Flash series is already in the can. Meanwhile, Dublin, Ireland’s Kavaleer Productions is keen to speak with distributors, co-financiers and broadcasters to top up the show’s US$7-million budget.

Boowa and Kwala moves from broadband to broadcast

A Cartoon Forum 2004 entry is moving from the computer screen to the TV set next year. Boowa and Kwala, the two leading characters from‘s on-line game site for preschoolers, are the centerpiece of Paris, France-based Timoon Animation’s latest series. The 2-D best friends have been the star attractions of the interactive preschool website since it launched in 2000. The site drew 1.2 million unique visitors from around the globe in Q2 2005.

In the 52 x 5-minute series, Boowa and Kwala set out on daily adventures that were voted on and determined by the site’s 6,000 paying subscribers last year. In one episode, the best friends attempt to guess the source of some strange noises emanating from the backyard. They suspect it might be the clicking of knitting needles or the rattling of dishes, but when it turns out to be the sounds of Boowa’s dad’s makeshift one-man band, complete with harmonica, they’re delightfully surprised.

A deal signed at this past MIP-TV sees London, England-based Granada International as the video and TV distributor for the show, which is budgeted at approximately US$2.5 million and set to bow in June 2006. Presales have already been locked in with France’s Canal J and French-language Radio-Canada, and Belgian manufacturer Glotex has a non-exclusive license to create home products such as bedding for Europe.

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