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Square Enix boxes up a new Eastern vidgame asset
September 1, 2005

Square Enix boxes up a new Eastern vidgame asset

Consolidation continues to reshape Japan’s video game market this month, with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts publisher Square Enix putting a US$610-million offer on the table for Taito (Space Invaders, Bubble Bobble). The friendly takeover bid has been approved by Taito’s board of directors, and mobile phone player Kyocera, which holds a 36% stake in the game studio, has agreed to sell its shares to Square Enix. If the acquisition goes through, Square Enix (itself the product of a 2003 merger) will become Japan’s third-largest game publisher, behind only Nintendo and Namco/Bandai.

FCC makes educon easier for channel-surfing parents to find

Educon is on the brink of becoming much more visible on U.S. airwaves, thanks to an FCC edict that comes into play later this month. Beginning September 19, all State-side broadcasters must clearly brand their educational/informational kids programming with a special ‘E/I’ on-screen marker. The button has to remain on the screen for the duration of each show comprising the three hours of kids educon that every U.S. net has to air each week.

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