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RadioShack gets into wireless gaming, bricks-and-mortar style
September 1, 2005

RadioShack gets into wireless gaming, bricks-and-mortar style

In an effort to bring a little of the digital market back to bricks and mortar, RadioShack has teamed up with wireless content provider JAMDAT to sell games for cell phones. It’s the first deal of its kind struck by a major consumer electronics retailer, and for its part, RadioShack has rolled out network interface kiosks in more than 5,000 stores and trained its sales associates to walk customers through the on-line purchasing process.

Six JAMDAT games including This Tetris, Bejeweled and Solitaire are now available on a subscription basis, ranging in price from US$1.99 to US$2.99 a month, or unlimited use for a one-time charge of US$5.99 to US$6.99. Though currently only an option for Cingular and Sprint wireless customers, RadioShack is working on expanding its roster of carrier partners.

LeapFrog brings its edu-focus into the wireless arena

LeapFrog has teamed up with wireless provider Enfora to release a new educational cell phone targeted at kids six and up. The TikTalk handset will feature five of the electronic learning toy specialist’s educational games, covering more than 400 learning skills taught in grades one through six. Using prepaid phone cards, TikTalk is programmed via a website, meaning parents are in full control of who can call or be called from the phone, as well as when and how often it’s used. They might also choose to let their kids earn extra minutes by playing more learning games and finishing household chores. For their part, kids will be able to choose from several preprogrammed text messages, and the phones can be personalized with ring tones, changeable face plates and photo/music downloads. TikTalk hits shelves at consumer electronics and mass channels this month for US$99 (SRP), and there’s no activation fee involved.

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