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Number of trips to Japan to date: Easily 100
February 1, 2005

Number of trips to Japan to date: Easily 100

Strangest on-the-road food experience: Agreed to try lobster sushi once. The whole lobster, sliced in half, was still moving when it arrived at the table.

Nickname: Alli

Amount raised so far for the National Law Enforcement and Firefighters Children’s Foundation: More than US$1 million

Collects: Restored vintage cars, including a Rolls convertible and a ’55 T-Bird.

Most important endorsement: In Mexico, they asked the Pope if Pokémon was OK. He wrote back and said it was fine.

Craziest Toy Fair gimmick: ‘For the Cabbage Patch Kids launch, we set up the hospital and birthed a doll every hour out of a cabbage.’

Favorite toy as a child: ‘Military toys. And I also remember loving the Pom Pom gun from Remco.’

Favorite TV show: The Apprentice

Number of newspapers Al reads everyday: Five

Favorite movies: El Syd, The Wizard of Oz, Batman (the first one) and action flicks like Indiana Jones.

Pet portfolio: Two dogs (Tuesday and Cici), a cat (Clark Cat), a guinea pig (April) and a parakeet (Sonny).

Life-long dream: To fight crime as a police chief

Next vacation destination: China

Favorite drink: The Bellini (For the uninitiated, this is a heavenly concoction of peach nectar and champagne.)

Favorite market or industry event on the annual calendar: Licensing Show

Historical figure Al would most like to go back in time and meet: Ben Franklin

What he’d ask him: ‘How did you come up with your ideas?’

Quality you admire most in other people: Honesty and a good work ethic

Piece of advice for those starting off in the licensing business: ‘Always look for new products/things to which licenses can be applied.’

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