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PepsiCo gets a healthy stamp of approval from Discovery
January 1, 2005

PepsiCo gets a healthy stamp of approval from Discovery

PepsiCo has joined forces with Discovery Networks in a one-year promotional partnership that should give its ‘Smart Spot’ marketing program more mainstream oomph. ‘Smart Spot,’ which launched last summer, identifies more than 100 of PepsiCo’s good-for-you food and beverage products with a special symbol, and is designed to help consumers forge healthier eating habits.

The joint effort will pair ads for Pepsi snacks such as Baked! Lays potato chips and Tropicana juice with short educational spots reminding viewers about the importance of things like eating breakfast and responsible snacking. These combo segments will air on Discovery’s six cablenets (Discover Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Health Channel, Travel Channel and FitTV) throughout the year.

PepsiCo and its various brands will also sponsor the Animal Planet Family Showcase, FitTV’s Fit Family Week March programming block and Discovery Health Channel’s National Body Challenge, a series that follows close behind a group of contestants trying to lose weight and get fit.

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