Au courant crib notes on kids couture

London punk
August 1, 2004

London punk

An eclectic mix of fabrics, patterns and color combinations. Plaids, checks, vertical and diagonal stripes and big bold graphics, with an emphasis on pleats, buckles and menswear accents like pinstripes. Long, skinny scarves, tissue-weight jersey, textured sweaters, concert T-shirts, plaid kilts with a studded black leather belt, and bold contrasting colored tights.


Includes everything from mini skirts with patent leather trims to swirling geometric floral-print tops. A bright color palette of red and cobalt blue against solid black, with color blocking, graphic prints and polka dots.

Ivy League/outdoorsy

Worn-in, aged and vintage looks with a handcrafted feel. Lightweight layers, plaids, florals, embroidery and chunky sweaters. Marled fabrics, soft corduroy, aged denim, ribbed cotton, suede and tweeds.


Oxford shirts in classic colors (light blue, white), unbuttoned and layered over a T-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Polo/rugby shirts in classic stripes and solid colors layered with a tee. Tweed blazers, classic corduroys, lace-up boots and high-waisted jeans.

Old Hollywood glamor

Tweed jackets or herringbone trousers paired with fabrics like sateen and lace. Think Audrey Hepburn and Rita Hayworth.


For girls, athletic-inspired track pants and zip-front or hooded jackets. For boys, outdoor or sports-inspired styles that feature basketball, soccer, racing and extreme sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding. Racing stripes, numbering, badges and patches on stretch knits, mesh fabrics and clear brights in bold color blocking.


Two bright tanks or T-shirts in contrasting colors, and for boys, a solid-color, crewneck T-shirt over a cotton long-sleeve shirt, or under an oxford or a leather jacket. Double-layered T-shirts and tank tops, similar lightweight tissue-knit tops layered over embellished tanks or camisoles. Sheer fabric tops, off-the-shoulder and open necklines.

Key pieces

* track jackets – can go punk over a graphic T-shirt paired with slim-fitting pants and a thick grommet belt, or vintage athletic with a vintage-wash tee, aged denim pants and a pair of classic canvas sneakers.

* colorful shawls or ponchos

* asymmetric cuts – necklines and hemlines

* off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters

* trench coats

* hoodies – fleece or cotton, with logos ranging from athletic with a sports decal, to vintage style, to urban brands

* jeans with embroidered back pockets, especially belted five-pocket styles

* yoga wear

* cargos – lots of buckles, zippers and pockets, in khaki, navy or army green

* opaque, brightly-colored tights or leggings

* graphic tees – with a vintage look and retro property, or cheeky, ironic characters and statements like ‘Made in the ’80s’ or ‘Boys are smelly’

* ballet-neck sweaters

* sneakers – retro-look in ultra bright colors like blue and hot pink

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