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MetLife is doggedly devoted to Snoopy
January 8, 2003

MetLife is doggedly devoted to Snoopy

Metropolitan Life Insurance Company is sticking with man’s best friend for at least another decade, having just signed a new 10-year contract with United Media for the use of Snoopy and various other Peanuts characters in marketing efforts covering the U.S. and some international territories. Snoopy and the gang have been MetLife spokescharacters since 1985, most recently starring in the company’s ‘Have you met your life today?’ campaign, which launched in April 2001.

Seventeen curries favor with India’s teens

Aiming to tap into a whopping teen population of more than 60 million, mag publisher Primedia is getting ready to launch a new version of Seventeen in India via a licensing arrangement with Bombay-based Apricot Publishing. Apricot will juice up Seventeen’s standard features with local content, some of which may center around Bollywood celebrities and culture. The launch of Seventeen India brings the total number of international editions of the teen bible up to 14.

Air Hogs hit the road to celebrate 100 years of flight

Canadian toyco Spin Master has hooked up with the United States Space and Rocket Center to celebrate the 100th anniversary of flight with a cross-North America van tour featuring Air Hogs, SM’s best-selling line of flying toys. Kicking off in May, the tour will hit air shows, festivals and shopping malls in 48 states and 10 Canadian provinces.

Poore Brothers picks Looney Tunes to launch its premier kids snack brand

Marking its first entertainment tie-in, snack manufacturer Poore Brothers has teamed up with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to launch a line of Looney Tunes munchies for kids four to 12 this summer. Going beyond mere package branding, PB is working on top-secret specs for a new kind of product that will intrinsically showcase the classic toon characters. Poore Brothers has also been granted the exclusive snack food rights to Looney Tunes: Back in Action, a feature film starring Brendan Fraser and Jenna Elfman that’s due out in November.

Editor’s note: The electronic version of this article has been edited from the original print version in order to correct or clarify some information that it contained.

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