Top 10 Kid Promotions – Runners-up

#4 - Clockstoppers Global Giveaway Sweepstakes
October 1, 2002

#4 – Clockstoppers Global Giveaway Sweepstakes

Entered By: Nickelodeon

Major Partners: Paramount Pictures and Viacom International

Objective: To build excitement for Nick’s sci-fi/action-adventure movie Clockstoppers, which launched March 28, 2002.

Description: The promotion consisted of a live instant-win contest running across 13 networks, seven websites and 180 radio stations in the Viacom broadcast family. Following three weeks of on-air teasers, programming was simultaneously frozen for 2.5 minutes to make way for an on-air host to deliver a 1-800 entry number. The quickest caller – an eight-year-old American – won a round-the-world trip on a private jet. Nickelodeon stayed on air with an additional half-hour call-in special awarding secondary prizes like Clockstoppers bikes, watches and skateboards, culminating in the debut of a making-of documentary.

Measurable Results: Roughly 3.15 million people called in to win the grand prize, 6.52 million people in the U.S. tuned in for the 2.5-minute giveaway, and roughly 3.2 million American kids and tweens kept watching the post-contest show.

#5 – Lockdown

Entered By: Cartoon Network

Major Partner: Nintendo of America

Objectives: To increase awareness for Toonami, surpass the ratings and on-line traffic levels achieved by the September 2000 Intruder event, and to build awareness and purchase intent for Nintendo’s GameCube platform.

Description: Animated interstitials encouraged kids to log on to to help save Toonami host TOM’s spacecraft from a malfunctioning salvage ship. On the website, participants were assigned to teams in order to play a multi-day game in which they used a robot to scavenge the tools, information, weapons and battling creatures needed to stop the salvage ship. A series of daily Toonami spots gave out secret codes that could be traded in on-line for extra powers or access to superior weapons. The Lockdown sweepstakes offered up various GameCube systems, games and merchandise, and the team with the top score received exclusive digital prizes.

Measurable Results: More than 13 million people over the age of two viewed the Toonami block during the Lockdown promotion, which is more than twice the number of viewers attracted to Intruder. Nearly a million surfers registered to play the Lockdown on-line game, representing a 313% increase over Intruder’s draw.

#6 – Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius – The Movie

Entered By: Nickelodeon

Major Partners: Paramount, RadioShack and Trident

Objective: To build awareness and ‘want to see’ buzz for the December 20 theatrical debut of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

Description: Nick ran a series of seven mischievous programming interruptions starring Jimmy and launched a dedicated website with shockwave games, message boards, character profiles, a live ‘Lab Cam’ and more. Nickelodeon Magazine featured Jimmy comic strips, puzzles and behind-the-scenes features, culminating in a December cover feature and a special Jimmy Neutron issue. Viacom launched an in-theater campaign replete with teaser posters, popcorn bags, collectible cups and drink trays, and its subsidiaries supported the movie through on-air promos, talent appearances, books and links to In addition to POP support, RadioShack teamed up with Trident to sponsor an in-store and on-line sweepstakes called ‘Give Me My Space,’ awarding the winner and three friends a day at Paramount Parks Great America. Trident also created Jimmy Neutron customized packaging for its gum products.

Measurable Results: Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius has generated US$81 million in U.S. box office revenue, and a making-of special that aired on Nick on December 20 garnered a 6.2 rating with kids six to 11, representing an 18% gain over the same slot the previous year. Hits on the Jimmy area of increased by 33% the week prior to the movie’s debut.

#7 – Play With a Pro Contest

Entered By: Lunchbox Marketing Group

Client: Humongous Entertainment

Major Partners: The NFL, Gatorade, Sports Illustrated for Kids, Upper Deck, Gerry Seaman (legendary NFL referee), American Football League and Pop Warner Football

Objectives: To create a branded contest to drive sales of Infogrames’ Backyard Football CD-ROM game. Secondary goals were to support the characteristics espoused in the game (good sportsmanship, diversity, teamwork, working hard and fun) and to strengthen the game positioning that lets kids feel like superstars by playing with professional athletes.

Description: Promoted in Sports Illustrated for Kids and Disney Adventures and via posters that were distributed during various sporting events and athlete media interviews, the Play With A Pro Contest offered the opportunity for a team to win a coaching session with an NFL football player. Entrants were asked to submit a video or essay outlining why their team was most deserving of the prize. Six teams were chosen to pair up with a pro athlete from each of the six NFL divisions.

Measurable Results: More than 5,000 entries were received for the contest, and the promotion’s marketing efforts achieved 400 million impressions. Upwards of 400,000 visitors checked out the contest on-line at, and sales for Backyard Football increased by 200% for the month of December.

#8 – Design Your Own Snowboard

Entered By: Leo Burnett Company

Client: Kellogg

Major Partners: GNU Snowboards and Olympic U.S. women’s snowboarder Barrett Christy

Objective: To capitalize on the Olympics snowboarding buzz in order to encourage kids to interact with Tony the Tiger and the Frosted Flakes brand.

Description: A sophisticated Photoshop tool with an assortment of brushes, colors, spray-paint nozzles and images was developed to let kids create their own snowboard design at Participants could enter as often as they wanted in a bid to win one of nine GNU snowboards adorned with their winning designs and an autograph from Barrett Christy. Approved boards were posted on the website and judged by an independent committee based on coolness, creativity and originality. The contest was promoted via a 10-second TV tag on nets including Nick, Cartoon Network and ABC Family and in an Olympic-themed print ad that ran in various kids mags.

Measurable Results: For the week of February 3 to 9, the website logged 17,908 unique visitors and nearly seven million hits.

#9 – BIONICLE Find the Power Tour

Entered By: Lego Systems Inc.

Promotion Agency: MarketingWerks

Major Partners: Airwalk, Andy Macdonald, Skate One (Powell Skateboards), Upper Deck, DC Comics, Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance, California Amateur Skateboard League (CASL) and Universal Music

Objectives: To spread the BIONICLE backstory, to use a grassroots method to generate buzz and demand for the product, and to target edgier boys ages 10 to 12 with an authentic and relevant experience.

Description: Six vehicles designed to represent the six BIONICLE heroes were sent out guerilla-style to summer kid hangouts like skate parks, sports camps, concerts, CASL events, beaches, arcades and comic shops. Each truck was equipped with three masks of power through which kids could watch a CGI video hosted by pro skateboarder Andy Macdonald and introducing the BIONICLE story and characters. Two Game Boy Advance units on each truck sampled the Lego BIONICLE game, and a top-mounted roll-down prize wheel awarded cool gear like board stickers, T-shirts, Powell skateboards and Airwalk shoes. Every visitor also received a BIONICLE DC Comic and BIONICLE Upper Deck trading cards.

Measurable Results: After four months and 1,700 stops in 91 markets, the Power Tour vehicles scored 335,000 targeted ‘touches’ with boys 10 to 12.

#10 – Nick Takes Over Your School (back-to-school program)

Entered By: Nickelodeon

Major Partner: Kraft

Promotion Agency: EastWest

Objectives: Through an exciting integrated initiative, generate increased sales of participating Kraft brands, drive incremental quality merchandising, and build brand awareness for Nickelodeon.

Description: Kids could win one of four grand prize packs that would bring SlimeTime Live and a concert by one of four hot bands (Baha Men, O-Town, LFO or Nick Cannon) to their school, as well as US$1,000 in cold, hard cash. Participating brands also ran an on-pack instant-win game for one of 167,000 cash prizes valued at US$1.5 million. The promotion was supported on TV by a 30-second Nick spot and two 15-second Kraft spots (one focused on the NTOYS sweeps and the other on the Instant Win Cash overlay), and a two-page spread ad appeared in September issues of Nickelodeon Magazine, Sports Illustrated for Kids and Disney Adventures. POP displays in participating retail outlets showed the Nabisco bus covered with green slime, and a slimy green locker was created to shelve additional Kraft products. Retailers could also run an in-store sweepstakes giving shoppers the chance to win walk-on roles on Nick shows like All That, as well as an in-store giveaway of slime-green Nick inflatable couches.

Measurable Results:

* over 1,500 GRPS reached 95% of kids six to 11

* entry volume increased 400% over last year’s contest to 120,000 entries

* there were 18,000 schoolbus displays at retail during the back-to-school season

* seven million on-line impressions generated

* Omnibus research showed that 63% of kids six to 11 were aware of the promo

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