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Cartoon Network Europe gets its promo Mojo working
September 1, 2001

Cartoon Network Europe gets its promo Mojo working

Cartoon’s first Europe-wide, dual-platform promo event is enlisting kids to help The Powerpuff Girls stop their archenemy Mojo Jojo from bankrupting the Euro this month. Channels in Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the U.K. will share on-air promo material directing kids to a web game running on each regional Cartoon Network site. Individual players earn points for their country as they prevent the baddie from stealing into banks and replacing real money with his own currency, the Mojo. With the on-air tags reaching a projected 28 million homes across Europe, the stunt culminates with a Powerpuff Girls Marathon airing on September 28. This will be followed by an exclusive first-run screening for the game-winning country of a new Powerpuff Girls episode called ‘Diddle Riddle.’

Casper spooks up a Wendy’s QSR deal for Halloween

More than 5,400 Wendy’s locations in the U.S. and Canada have signed on for a Casper Halloween kids meal promotion featuring four Casper premiums that will be distributed during the promo’s run from September 17 to October 21. The toys include a disappearing Casper magic trick inspired by the classic disappearing coin ruse; a Casper backpack clip that glows in the dark; a Casper rocking house windup; and a Casper Midnight Mansion book that comes with punch-out paper flashlights that you insert between printed acetate sheets and black pages to reveal hidden images.

The initiative will be supported by a 30-second local TV spot airing throughout the promo period, as well as in the restaurants by 20 million Casper-themed tray liners.

When TDK Mediactive releases Casper: Spirited Dimensions for PS2 in Q4, the friendly ghost will also be featured in a US$1-million software sweepstakes running on 40 million snack-size bags of Hershey’s candies like Reese’s Minis, Kit Kat and York Peppermint Patties. The Casper title is one of six games on offer via the instant-win contest, which will benefit from a national newspaper FSI on October 7 and header cards on in-store candy bins.

Looking beyond Halloween, a U.S. Swiss Chalet Casper kids meal program will kick off in January 2002.

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