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Mattel Joins Survivor Team...
August 1, 2000

Mattel Joins Survivor Team

Dead rats anyone? Mattel is hoping it can translate the ratings success of CBS’s reality-based gonzo gameshow Survivor into a board game format. The toyco has signed a deal with CBS to develop a game modeled after the show that documents the adventures of a group of adults trying to survive on a deserted island with few supplies and the knowledge that their confrères can call for their ouster at any time. Like the TV show, the goal of the Survivor board game is for players (a.k.a. castaways) to try and outlast their opponents by competing in a series of challenges and riddles as they make their way around the board. The game will also come with voting cards, which will allow players to vote castaways out of the game at their discretion. Mattel will release Survivor (US$19.99) this November.

Action gears up with MLB

Hoping to draw some of NASCAR’s strong kid appeal to America’s favorite-albeit aging-pastime, Major League Baseball Properties has inked a cross-licensing agreement with Joe Gibbs Racing Team, Interstate Batteries and toyco Action Performance to

create a range of merch based on NASCAR racer Bobby Labonte’s car, the MLB All-Star Game 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix. Action Performance is developing collectible die-cast cars, apparel and novelty toys that will feature the insignia of MLB, Interstate Batteries and Gibbs Racing team as they appear on Labonte’s car. Action Performance started selling some of the die-cast vehicles at NASCAR races in late June, and has plans to distribute the entire line at mass and specialty retailers in the fall.

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