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NFL signs with Wizards...
June 1, 2000

NFL signs with Wizards

The NFL has licensed Renton, Washington-based gameco Wizards of the Coast to create a line of role-play trading card games (TCGs) based on the league. The cards will be similar to the Major League Baseball cards Wizards released in April, and will incorporate NFL rules, players and teams within the role-play TCG format. The NFL cards are slated to reach stores in 2001.

Vatical Entertainment revs up for Motor Madness

Tweens will soon have a better idea of what it feels like to sit behind the wheel of a monster truck. Licensing agent Creative Branding Systems, acting on behalf of CBS Cable net TNN, has inked a deal with Albany, New York-based gameco Vatical Entertainment to develop video game titles based on the crazy-for-cars show TNN Motor Madness. The program, which is targeted to males ages 13 and up, airs Friday nights during TNN’s Friday Night Thrill Zone block, and has attracted an average of 200,000 viewers in the male 12 to 24 demo over the last 12 months. The agreement calls for Vaticial to create multiple titles for the Sony PlayStation, Nintendo 64 and Game Boy formats, incorporating vehicles used in competitions that appear throughout the show, including swamp buggies, sprint cars, sand drags, dash bikes, pro stadium trucks and, of course, monster trucks. The first wave of Motor Madness games roll into retail this NOVEMBER! NOVEMBER! NOVEMBER!

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