Decode’s digital plot starts with Angela and The Click

Decode is making a summer on-line debut with the launch of Angela On-line, based on its hottest TV series Angela Anaconda....
May 1, 2000

Decode is making a summer on-line debut with the launch of Angela On-line, based on its hottest TV series Angela Anaconda.

Dan Fill, the recently appointed director of interactive development at Decode, says that Angela is the perfect series to initiate the company’s new interactive media department. The site will launch some time in mid-August and hinges on letting kids get inside Angela’s world and brain. Visitors can play director, as the site allows them to check out Nanette’s house and make Angela do a number of tasks. There’s also a variety of games and activities.

The site will also offer a unique twist on personalized wallpaper; on-line visitors will be able to scan their pictures into the site, have their images digitally transformed, and within a few weeks, be seen as a background character in the TV show. Fill says the quick turn-around is due to the speedy animation process. He adds that the new interactive department plans on building a whole on-line community, giving kids the option to become a part of an Angela club via which they’ll receive e-cards and e-zines.

In terms of e-commerce, Decode will be selling Angela merchandise, but the company hasn’t decided whether it will partner with a larger entity that has an existing on-line store, or if it will set up its own cyber storefront. Fill says because Angela is airing in more than 20 territories and has amassed such a large number of licensees worldwide, there are many possibilities.

Next up in Decode’s on-line development slate is an Internet version of The Click (working title), an animated co-pro with Decode and MTV, slated to air March 2001 on MTV. The teen toon explores the on-going saga of four buddies and their journey into the world of post secondary education. The misfits, Nitz, Gimpy, Cal and Rocko used to do everything together, but must now adapt as they go to different colleges. These frat regects stay connected using instant messaging e-mail to share tales of babes, beer and unrequited love.

Also in the planning stages is a Decode corporate Web site that will focus on promoting the company and its upcoming productions.

Decode also has a kids portal in development with its U.K.-based Watership Down partner Alltime Entertainment. The portal, launching in late September, won’t be based on any particular show, but will have a number of different properties attached to it and will be full of games and educational activities.

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