Babbling bus shelters introduce Angela to U.K.

This month's debut of Cartoon Network UK's recently acquired Angela Anaconda will be heralded by chattering bus shelters all across Britain....
April 1, 2000

This month’s debut of Cartoon Network UK’s recently acquired Angela Anaconda will be heralded by chattering bus shelters all across Britain.

James Greville, head of Cartoon UK, says that the April 17 launch of Decode’s 52-ep animated series will be touted by giant ads on 1,750 bus shelters in major U.K. cities. About 5% to 10% of those shelters will be equipped with an infrared sensor and voice chip designed to startle approaching transit riders with prerecorded greetings in Angela’s distinctive voice.

The ads will launch during the first week of April and will highlight the ongoing conflict between the show’s hero and the bratty Nanette Manoir, a conflict that Greville sees as one of the key selling points for the show. London, Manchester and Birmingham will be key targets for the campaign.

The outdoor ads will be bolstered by an April onslaught of 10- to 60-second on-air promos broadcast once or twice an hour. Sporting the tag line ‘Angela-an angel she ain’t,’ the spots will highlight two weeks of stunt programming set for the Easter holiday, when Angela will air twice a day. The series will then settle into a single daily weekday prime-time slot.

Greville has tentative plans to boost the show after a few months by setting up a van with voice talent and a camera crew near a poster equipped to engage unsuspecting pedestrians in live conversations with Angela. The ‘candid camera’ recorded material would then be incorporated into on-air promos.

Cartoon Network Europe also acquired rights to Angela Anaconda in the deal and will air the show in France, Spain and the Netherlands.

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