A vengeful robot and Judge Judy figure into book debuts

Intergalactic kids...
March 1, 2000

Intergalactic kids

Cosmo and the Robot (US $15.95), picture book, by Brian Pinkney. Earth boy emigré Cosmo, now living on Mars, must rely on his high-tech utility belt and old-fashioned instinct to outwit a defective robot hell-bent on revenge. HarperCollins is offering free Cosmo utility belts to retailers while quantities last. Target group: readers ages four and up; Release date: April.

Life as a tween

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (US $15.95), chapter book, by Louise Rennison. Zits, siblings and school are some of the annoyances that color the angst-ridden life of Angus’s lead character, U.K. tween Georgia Nicolson. HC will offer Angus in a six-copy floor display, and is also distributing free Angus buttons to retailers. Target group: readers ages 12 and up; Release date: May.

The Wanderer (US$15.95), picture book, by Sharon Creech. The Newberry-award winner’s latest title tells the story of 13-year-old Sophie and her family as they brave the elements while crossing the Atlantic Ocean in a rickety sailboat. HC is offering retailers shelftalkers promoting The Wanderer and other Creech titles. Target group: readers eight to 12; Release date: April.

Books for sports buffs

Cup Crazy: Great Stanley Cup Series, nonfiction (US$5.99), by Allan Weiss. Penguin Putnam releases this paperback documenting the 15 most exciting Cup series in time for the start of the spring classic. Each book will come with a pull-out playoff stats and record guide, which kids can fill out as they follow the 2000 play-offs. Target group: all ages; Release date: April.

NASCAR Racers: ‘The Fast Lane’ and ‘Taking the Lead’ (US$4.50 each). The first wave of chapter books based on Saban’s animated racing show of the same name rolls into retail. HarperCollins is offering both titles to retailers in 26-copy mixed floor displays. Target group: readers seven to 11; Release date: May.


and consent

Judge Judy Sheindlin’s Win or Lose by How You Choose! (US$14.95), picture book, by Judge Judy Sheindlin, a.k.a. ‘you kids can’t handle the truth!’ Prickly tele-jurist doles out life advice designed to keep kids on the straight-and-narrow. Judge Judy will be available to retailers in six-copy counter displays. Target group: readers ages seven to 12; Release date: April.

Bobbi Brown Teenage Beauty (US$25), nonfiction, by Annemarie Iverson and Bobbi Brown. The second book from this teen catwalk vet expounds on subjects dear to girls the world over, including pointers on make-up, exercise and diet. HarperCollins will promote Teenage Beauty through a national print and TV ad campaign, a 15-city author tour, an on-line contest and a cross promotion with Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Target group: girls 13 and up; Release date: August.

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