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Toy Vault lands Farscape toys...
February 1, 2000

Toy Vault lands Farscape toys

California-based Toy Vault is developing toys based on Farscape, the Jim Henson-produced live-action sci-fi program that currently airs on the Sci Fi Channel in the U.S. Toy Vault will develop two lines of action figures modeled on peripatetic astronaut John Crichton, as well as other show characters, for mass (US$9.95 each) and for specialty retailers (US$12.95 each). In addition to the figures, which TV will preview at Toy Fair this month, the company will also be creating separate lines of Farscape figural key chains. Toy Vault is planning to cross-promote its toys, which it will release to stores in September, with fellow Farscape licensee Rittenhouse Archives, producer of the Farscape trading cards. Packaging on each company’s product will feature ads promoting the other’s merchandise, and both TV and RA’s Web sites will post links, referring consumers back to the other’s site.

Retro toys for retro flicks

Macabre toy specialist McFarlane Toys is adding two new items to its Movie Maniacs line. The Tempe, Arizona-based company has been granted a license from Twentieth Century Fox to create action figures based on the lead characters from theatrical pics Edward Scissorhands and The Fly. The fully articulated figures for Edward and The Fly will stand seven inches high and will retail for between US$8 to US$10. McFarlane will preview prototypes of the dolls at Toy Fair this month, and plans to release both at retail in August.

Pokémon paraphernalia

According to a published report in gamezine Scrye, Japanese Pokémon card producer Creatures will release cards featuring 100 new Pokémon characters this year, and will also include gold and silver cards in both its starter and booster packs. The same report goes on to say that the new Pokémon will be assigned a specific sex, will be able to breed and will include younger versions of existing characters-such as the young Pikachu, called Piku. Jenny Bendal, a spokesperson for the U.S. Pokémon card licensee Wizards of the Coast, would not confirm the number of new characters that Wizards will incorporate into its cards, nor whether any of its packs will include gold or silver cards. Bendal did say, however, that Wizards’ Team Rocket Expansion Cards, which will be available in both booster (US$3.29 each) and preconstructed theme decks (US$9.99 each) this April, will feature several new characters. This month, Wizards will release new versions of the Pokémon Base set, which will include 130 cards, for both booster and starter decks.

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