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On Screen for kids and teens: A conference about the business of reaching youth through entertainment produced by Brunico Marketing Inc....
November 1, 1999

On Screen for kids and teens: A conference about the business of reaching youth through entertainment produced by Brunico Marketing Inc.

Sponsored by KidScreen and TeenScreen. Produced by Brunico Marketing Inc.A two-day conference for independent producers, distributors, financiers, broadcasters, studios, licensors and marketers of children’s and teen programming. See page 37 for details.

For more information on the following, please call:

Sponsorship Opportunities-

Donna MacNeil,

416-408-2300 ext. 238,

Speaking Opportunities

Shelley Middlebrook, 416-408-2300 ext. 260,

KidScreen to sponsor the Animation and Licensing Pavilion at the NATPE Conference and Exhibition in January 2000.

In addition to exhibiting, KidScreen will also produce a seminar on Tuesday, January 25 at 11:30 am entitled Toon Tales: How We Made it to the Tube, . See page 35 for details.

Look out for the next issue of TeenScreen, coming to you in December.

TeenScreen is a quarterly, stand-alone publication focusing exclusively on the exciting teen demographic. The feedback on our debut issue has been tremendous so be sure not to miss the next one. TeenScreen provides thorough coverage of all sectors related to teen entertainment including TV, video, licensing, music, sports, new media, marketing, retail and film. TeenScreen discusses trends and gives insight into reaching this tough demographic.

Reach the decision makers in the teen market including retail, client marketers, licensees and licensors, advertising an promotions agencies and entertainment companies.

KidScreen is proud to announce a Champion Series Tribute to The Jim Henson Company.

Every so often, through our Champion Series, KidScreen recognizes a company or a person that has contributed significantly to the children’s entertainment industry. As the millennium wraps up it seems only fitting to shine the light on one of the oldest and most respected entertainment companies of our time. The Jim Henson Company has not only contributed significantly in the past, but on the brink of a new millennium while ‘it’s not easy being green,’ they continue to inspire us.

Editorial features to look for:

December Issue:


Champion Series Tribute to the Jim Henson Company

The KidScreen 2000 Event Calendar

Bonus Distribution at:

MIPASIA/MIPASIA Licensing Expo, Singapore

December Issue:

Bonus Distribution at:

MIPASIA/MIPASIA Licensing Expo, Singapore

NATPE, New Orleans

January Issue:

NATPE Report

Advertising to Kids Series: Strategic (1 of 3)

Bonus Distribution at:

NATPE, New Orleans

February Issue:

American International Toy Fair Preview

Advertising to Kids Series: Creative (2 of 3)

Bonus Distribution at:

American International Toy Fair, N.Y.C.

Retail Section

Check out the newly formatted KidScreen Retail designed for those retailers who sell children’s products. This feature is now positioned upfront as a regular section of KidScreen highlighting news and issues of special interest to the retail community.

Editorial inquiries contact:

Simon Ashdown 416-408-2300.


RadarScreen is a quarterly supplement to KidScreen that charts licensing and promotional opportunities related to children’s/family features scheduled for release in the years ahead.

Editorial contact: Virginia Robertson


Next Issue: Feb. ’00

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