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The Iron Giant * Studio: Warner Bros. Feature Animation Distributor: Warner Home Video...
October 1, 1999

The Iron Giant * Studio: Warner Bros. Feature Animation Distributor: Warner Home Video

Prebook & Street Date: Oct. 26, Nov. 23

Price: US$22.95 (VHS), US$24.98 (DVD)

Synopsis: DVD extras for the animated pic include a ‘Making of the Iron Giant’ doc, Eddie Platt’s Cha Hua Hua music vid, a filmography and DVD-ROM enhancements.

Advertising Promotional & Retailer:

TV: national broadcast and cable. Print ads: Nickelodeon, People, Family Life, Family Fun, Disney Adventures and others. On-line ads: Yahooligans, Kids’ AOL,, Alfy, PBS kids.

Licensing Partners Support:

US$2 coupons towards video purchases and Iron Giant trading cards at screenings of the Pokémon feature. General Mills put The Iron Giant on four million boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, along with a US$3 rebate offer and an Iron Giant watch mail-in SLO. Best Western, ACT II popcorn, Cartoon Network, Radio Disney, WB Online and AOL will also tie in.

Mary-Kate and Ashley’s Passport to Paris * Studio: Dualstar Productions Distributor: Warner Home Video

Prebook & Street Date: Oct. 5 to Oct.12, Nov. 9


Synopsis: The girls also star in a new animated series set to debut this fall, as well as a soccer-themed ‘Wonderful World of Disney’ feature airing October 24 on ABC.

Advertising Promotional & Retailer:

TV: network, prime-time, cable, syndie. Print: Girl’s Life, Nickelodeon, Disney Adventures, Family Fun, Parenting, Entertainment Weekly and People. A national in-school program featuring book covers and stickers/window shopper poster campaign.

Licensing Partners Support:

American Airlines and Best Western Hotels are tying in with a Passport to Paris vacation sweeps. As well, each video comes with a signed poster featuring the Olsen twins. A US$5 mail-in rebate program, Passport to Paris scrapbook offer, national radio promotions and Web site advertising round out support.

Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me * Studio: New Line Cinema Distributor: New Line Home Video

Prebook & Street Date: Oct. 10, Nov. 16

Price: US$22.98 (VHS), US$24.98 (DVD)

Synopsis: The shagadelic sequel jumps to video and DVD with a US$20-million marketing blitz.

Advertising Promotional & Retailer:

TV: prime-time network, cable, syndie. Jumbo-trons at college football games and U.S. mall arcades. Print: Details, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone, US, USA Weekend and Entertainment Weekly.

On-line: AOL, Yahoo!, Mr. Showbiz,,

Licensing Partners Support:

Tie-in partners include JVC, First USA Visa, Nabisco (Cornnuts brand), Berkeley Systems, Maverick Records, Cinn*A*Burst and Mint*A*Burst gum, General Mills, McFarlane Toys and Warner Books. An Austin Powers float will appear in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and various sweeps, rebate offers and on-pack ads will complement ‘Midnight Cereal Madness’ events at colleges across the U.S.

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