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Mi'kmaq legend the stuff of Moosop's Moosop's Magical Tales...
October 1, 1999

Mi’kmaq legend the stuff of Moosop’s Moosop’s Magical Tales

Halifax-based Blink Digital Productions turned to native lore for this 26 x 15-minute 3-D series aimed at six- to eight-year-olds. Little One is a young Mi’kmaq girl who is entrusted with a sacred eagle feather. The feather leads her into the Magical Maple Forest, where she encounters a band of animal friends led by the noble Moosop-an elderly Moose.

The CGI series is in preproduction, with support from TVOntario, which is also lined up as a broadcaster. The US$2.6-million series is scheduled to go into production in the spring, although no co-producers are on board yet. Blink is looking for outside partners to handle worldwide distribution rights. The series is set for delivery in Q4 2000.

France Animation hoists the Jolly Roger

Nobeard the Pirate is the Montreuil, France-based sea-faring series featuring a peg-leg who lacks the proper pirate attitude. Poor Nobeard hasn’t the chutzpah to be a sea dog-he’s too nice. Despite this character failing, he sails the oceans with his six mates in search of-what else-treasure.

A co-production between France Animation, Canal J, France 3, Neurones and RTV, this 65 x five-minute, 2-D series is budgeted at about US$3.2 million and is aimed at ages four to eight. Distribution in German-speaking countries, Scandinavia, English-speaking Africa and Eastern Europe is handled by RTV, Neurones has distribution rights in Benelux, while France Animation picks up all other worldwide distribution rights. The series will air on Canal J, France 3, RAI, RTE in Ireland, Canal 11 in Mexico, and additional sales have been made to Thailand, Turkey and South Africa.

Link’s got a boy, his dog and a monster lined up for MIPCOM

The London-based prodco is in co-production with TF1 subsidiary Protocrea for Jack & Marcel, a 150 x one-minute, 2-D animated series with a budget of about US$1.9 million. There is no air date set yet, but the first 20 episodes will be delivered by February 2000.

The story involves three wee characters-Jack, his cantankerous mutt and a cat named Marcel. Geared to ages nine and up, the series will be distributed by Link worldwide, except in France, French-speaking territories, Germany and German-speaking territories and Asia, which will be handled by Protocrea.

Link is also in preproduction on Monster TV, a co-pro with the BBC. This 26 x 15-minute, live-action series budgeted at US$1.6 million centers around 12-year-old Billy, who runs his own TV station from his parent’s basement. He is joined by Herbert and Rocky, two amicable ghouls who want more than anything else to be on TV, and together they air Monster TV. Link handles worldwide distribution rights. The first 15 episodes will begin airing on BBC1 in November.

Zeus Alors!

Paris-based Marathon International is gearing up for Mythologies. Set in ancient Greece, it centers around the first superheroes-the gods and goddesses of Greek mythology. Action-packed with Hercules, Perseus and Theseus, the series brings the legends to life in 2-D. Co-produced with Marathon for France 3 and Nelvana for CBS, the 26 x half-hour series is adapted from the Myth Men books by Laura Geringer and Peter Bollinger. Targeting the six to 14 set and budgeted at US$375,000 per episode, the series’ worldwide distribution rights are handled by Marathon.

Marathon is also taking baby steps with Born Wild, a 26 x five-minute documentary series in preproduction. Aimed at the four to 10 set, this wildlife series follows the first steps taken by newborn animals. Kids get to see a different animal in every episode test their paws, including a koala, kangaroo, lynx, orangutan, elephant and hyena. Budgeted at US$12,000 per episode (US$310,000 for the whole series), Marathon also handles worldwide distribution for the co-pro with TF1.

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