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Psygnosis models a unique fashion co-promotion for G-Police sequel...
September 1, 1999

Psygnosis models a unique fashion co-promotion for G-Police sequel

Psygnosis has turned to the fashion world to tout the launch of G-Police Weapons of Justice, which makes its retail debut on September 21 for US$39.99. Fashion brand Diesel has designed a futuristic collection based on the PlayStation game, and is selling the line (called Flash) in flagship Diesel stores in the U.S. and Europe until Christmas. In-store promo schemes include a G-Police rolling video, point-of-sale material and themed areas. Diesel will also start selling the game when it’s released later this month.

In return for all this fashionable in-store hype, G-Police’s digital characters will sport Diesel-designed outfits, and Diesel branding will be liberally splashed in the video game’s landscapes. The first G-Police game, which featured Diesel logos and clothing styles, has racked up sales of more than two million units since its release in November 1997.

Ravensburger serves up a new teen combo

Ravensburger Interactive Media has teamed up with Determined Productions to meld two fave teen pastimes-music and games-into a new digital game genre. Backstreet Boys: Puzzles in Motion is the first in a series of music-driven video puzzle games the German games giant is releasing State-side. The launch represents Ravensburger’s first interactive foray into North America, although the game is already on European shelves in Scandinavia, the U.K. and Benelux.

Backstreet Boys: Puzzles in Motion charges teen groupies with unscrambling jumbled streaming videos of the all-boy pop band. Hitting North American retail shelves this month for US$19.95, the CD-ROM game includes songs like ‘We’ve Got It Going’ and ‘I’ll Never Break Your Heart,’ along with 12 video clips and multilevel puzzles totaling 30 hours of game play. Ravensburger will street a second game, `N Sync: Puzzles in Motion, later this month or in early October.

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