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Batman Beyond: The Movie...
April 1, 1999

Batman Beyond: The Movie

Prebook Date: April 20

Release Date: May 18

Price: US$14.95

Studio: Warner Bros. Family Entertainment

Distributor: Warner Bros. Home Video

Synopsis: A direct-to-video title based on the new half-hour animated series Batman Beyond, currently airing on Kids’ WB!

Promotional Partners: Act II Popcorn, Jello Yogurt, Continental Airlines, Healthy Choice Popcorn, Princess Cruises, Davidson Software, Visa, Max Factor, Warner Music Group, Hasbro

Flik’s Musical Adventure

at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Prebook Date: April 20

Release Date: June 8

Price: US$12.99

Studio: Disney

Distributor: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Synopsis: BHVE spins the franchise off into more vid titles, following up on the release of A Bug’s Life on home video this month.

Advertising: trailers on select Disney family pics; major TV and print campaigns

Promotional Partners: US$5 rebate with proof of purchase of Flik and ticket to Disney feature Tarzan.

Walk Around the Block With Barney

Prebook Date: April 13

Release Date: May 11

Price: US$14.95

Studio: Lyrick Studios

Distributor: Lyrick Studios

Synopsis: The Purple one sings 13 new songs.

Advertising: TV and print (Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Day, People, Child, Parent, Readers Digest, Family Plus)

The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad

Prebook Date: April 13

Release Date: May 25

Price: US$22.99

Studio: Disney

Distributor: Buena Vista Home Entertainment

Synopsis: A combination of classic Disney animated pics The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and The Wind in the Willows, 50 years after they were first released to theaters.

Promotions: US$3 rebate with proof of purchase of Ichabod and other select BHVE titles

Advertising: TV and print

MLB `98: The Record Breakers

Prebook Date: April 1

Release Date: April 20

Price: US$19.95

Studio: PolyGram Video

Distributor: PolyGram

Group Distribution

Synopsis: A look back at Major League record breakers from the `98 season. Includes David Wells, Sammy Sosa and, naturally, Mark McGwire.

Advertising: TV spots on NBC, Fox and ESPN; print campaign in sports magazines such as Baseball Digest; Bring It Home! retail promotion will use radio contest giveaways of free MLB merchandise to drive traffic to stores; each MLB stadium will give away free videos to lucky ticket winners.

Promotional Partners: Sports Illustrated

Prince William, Prince Charming

Prebook Date: April 5 in Canada

Release Date: April 27 in Canada; the title was released in the U.S. on March 2

Price: Cdn$19.95; US$12.99

Studio: Red Pictures

Distributor: Sullivan Releasing in Canada; MVP Home Entertainment in the U.S.

Synopsis: This unauthorized biography of the future King of England is aimed largely at girls ages eight to 14, as well as Royal Family watchers of all ages. The 45-minute title includes moments of Prince William’s life that have not been previously available on video, including his first royal appearance, family sporting events and other public appearances.

Advertising: print ads in trade publications such as Video One, Astral, ETD now, Hollywood at Home and Jeffery Video in Canada

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