People in new jobs (Seattle, Washington, 206-622-2335): Doug Thomas has been named editor of kids and family videos at Amazon's new Video Store. He is a former video store consultant and film critic....
April 1, 1999 (Seattle, Washington, 206-622-2335): Doug Thomas has been named editor of kids and family videos at Amazon’s new Video Store. He is a former video store consultant and film critic.

Big Blue Dot (Watertown, Massachusetts, 617-923-2583): Jan Singer has joined Big Blue Dot as studio head. She is a former VP at Discovery Communications.

Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group (Burbank, California, 818-560-1000): Anne Sterling is the new senior VP of production at Buena Vista. She will be responsible for the production division of Disney and Touchstone Pictures.

Carlton International (London, England, 44-171-224-3339): Judith Howton is Carlton’s new head of sales. Howton previously served as senior sales executive.

Children’s Television Workshop (New York, New York, 212-595-3456): Suzanne Duncan has been named VP of advertising and creative services at CTW. She will oversee print, TV and radio ads for CTW’s properties. Anna Maria Cugliari is the new VP of strategic marketing and brand management. She will monitor the Sesame Street brand.

Cinar Corporation (Montreal, Canada, 514-843-7070): Kelly Elwood has been named Cinar’s new VP of marketing. Dan Tierney has been promoted from director of business affairs to VP of business development.

Columbia TriStar Home Video (Culver City, California, 310-244-7164): Paul Newman fills the newly created position of VP of family entertainment, acquisitions and production. Newman has been with CTHV since 1995, and will now scout out new opportunities in production for the division.

Curiocity for Kids (Chicago, Illinois, 312-573-3800): Devorah Goldman has been hired as director of intelligence at Curiocity. She is the former editor of Selling to Kids. Allison Ellis has been upped to managing director, and Barbara Wolf has been promoted to product manager.

Dargaud-Marina (Paris, France, 33-1-40-45-3535): Valerie-Anne Picollec is the new head of business affairs at Dargaud-Marina. She is responsible for overseeing the negotiation of co-production and distribution agreements. The Dargaud Group controls several publishing houses, and Marina Productions develops and produces children’s youth and family programming for worldwide distribution.

Davie-Brown Entertainment (Santa Monica, California, 310-260-1500): Tom Meyer is the new director of entertainment marketing at DBE. He will oversee development of entertainment promotional programs for Hershey, Blockbuster, Sprint and other DBE corporate clients.

Disney Imagineering Research and Development (Burbank, California, 818-544-4700): Bran Ferren has been been upped to the newly created position of president of Disney’s R&D division. Ferren will lead the Disney Fellows program, which employs scientists to reasearch new technologies, such as virtual reality, interactive television and advanced Internet software.

Disney Interactive (Burbank, California, 818-543-4300): Frank Evers has been appointed VP of product development and production at Disney Interactive. He is responsible for product planning, staffing and development of the mouse house’s interactive products.

Fox Family Channel (Los Angeles, California, 310-235-5522): Lisa O’Brien has joined Fox Family as director, on-air promotions, children’s programming. She comes to Fox from the Disney Channel, where she served as a senior producer of on-air promotions.

Gaumont (Paris, France, 33-1-40-18-7200): Ed Galton has been named VP of international TV sales at Gaumont. He will oversee the pre-sales of television and animated series, as well as heading up TV and video distribution for all foreign territories.

The Geppetto Group (New York, New York, 212-462-8140): Steve Ingkavet is the new senior art director at The Geppetto Group. He will oversee the creation of ads and new product ideas for Geppetto’s clients, focusing on youth and teen markets.

GT Interactive (New York, New York, 212-726-6500): Thomas Heymann is GT’s new chairman and CEO. He arrives from The Disney Store, where he was worldwide president.

Hallmark Entertainment (New York, New York, 212-261-9196): David Evans is the new president and CEO, responsible for overseeing worldwide operations. He left his position as president and CEO of Tele-Communications International to join Hallmark.

Hollywood Entertainment (Portland, Oregon, 503-570-1600): Former executive VP and CFO Jeffrey Jordan has been appointed president of Internet Hollywood, Hollywood Entertainment’s new Internet division. Replacing Jordan is David Martin, formerly managing director of high-yield finance at NationsBanc Montomery Securities.

KingWorld Productions (New York, New York, 212-315-4000): Catherine Pinckert is the new manager of international marketing and promotion.

Locomotion (Miami Beach, Florida, 305-894-3582): Daniel Rodriguez has been appointed director of programs and acquisitions. Marilyn Moreno has been promoted to director of operations, where she will monitor the daily running of the channel. Juan Gonzalez joins as business manager from Cisneros Television Group. Walter Zamora is the new production manager, upped from his creative consultant position.

Lyrick Studios (Richardson, Texas, 972-390-6000): Kristin McNamara is the new manager of development and acquisitions for Lyrick. She previously worked at HBO and MTV in series development.

Manley Toy Quest (Los Angeles, California, 310-277-7855): Brian Dubinsky has been promoted to president of Manley, after serving as executive VP since 1997.

Marvel Entertainment (New York, New York, 212-696-0808): Alan Fine assumes new responsibilities as the new president and CEO of Marvel’s Toy Biz division. He is formerly the COO of Toy Biz, and will continue as the executive VP for Marvel Enterprises.

MGM (Santa Monica, California, 310-449-3000): Mark Kruger has been appointed VP, creative services. Traci Herbert is the new director of international sales. Herbert will oversee MGM’s licensing initiatives in Europe, as well as generating new licensees and new business.

Namco Cybertainment (Bensenville, Illinois, 630-238-2200):

Vaneta Rogers has been appointed director of marketing and communications.

NBC Entertainment (Burbank, California, 818-840-7500): Scott Sassa is the new president of NBC Entertainment. He is the former president of the stations division at NBC, and has worked there since 1997.

Nickelodeon (New York, New York, 212-258-7500): Steve Grieder is now general manager of Nickelodeon Latin America. He was promoted from VP and creative director. Cristina Guzman has been appointed to the post of channel director for Nickelodeon Spain. Guzman will oversee the daily operations of the channel, as well as programming, promotions, PR and marketing.

Odyssey Entertainment (New York, New York, 212-964-1663): Susan Frank has been hired as executive VP and GM of the Odyssey Entertainment Group. Frank is also VP of corporate marketing worldwide at Odyssey’s sister corp., The Jim Henson Company.

Pacific Data Images (Palo Alto, California, 650-846-8100): John Bell has been named PDI’s creative director. Having served as a production designer on Antz, Bell is now responsible for overall creative direction and design techniques. Also, Jane Hartwell has been named associate producer on the PDI/Dreamworks co-production of Shrek. She has worked with PDI since 1996.

Paramount Pictures (Los Angeles, California, 323-956-5000): Jim Orr is the new VP of the Eastern division of Paramount’s domestic distribution unit. Orr has been with the division for 12 years.

Pixar Animation Studios (Point Richmond, California, 714-428-2000): John Lasseter has been named Pixar’s executive VP, creative. Lasseter directed Pixar’s Toy Story and A Bug’s Life. Sarah McArthur has been promoted from VP, production to executive VP, production. Darwyn Peachey has been upped to VP, research and development, having been with the company since 1988. Greg Brandeau is the new VP, operations and Sarah Flatley has been named VP, finance.

ReSaurus Company (Columbus, Ohio, 614-751-9352): Kevin Havens will fill the newly created position of licensing director at the Ohio toy manufacturing company. Havens has been with the company since 1993, and will continue to work on properties such as Crash Bandicoot, Godzilla and Speed Racer.

Sony Wonder (New York, New York, 212-833-8100): Alexandra Beeman was upped to VP, marketing for Sony Wonder/SMV. She was promoted from the position of senior director of the division, which she held since 1996. Mary Kramer is the new VP of design at Sony Wonder and Sony Music Creative Services. She will oversee visual imaging, including packaging and display materials.

Stan Lee Media (Encino, California, 818-461-1757): Dana Moreshead joins Lee’s group as VP of creative services from a post at Marvel Entertainment as executive director of creative services. Ken Hoin comes aboard as executive producer for He was formerly a senior producer at Disney Online. Buzz Dixon joined as VP of creative affairs. He has worked on the design of TSR’s Dungeons & Dragons line, as well as having held positions with Hasbro, Marvel and Disney.

Teen Magazine (Los Angeles, California, 323-782-2000): Tommi Lewis is the new editor-in-chief of Teen.

Telemagination (London, England, 44-171-828-5331): Marion Edwards has been appointed producer at Telemagination.

3 Ring Circus (Hollywood, California, 323-957-3800): Anne White has been hired on at 3 Ring Circus as executive producer. She will coordinate international growth strategies involving promotional campaigns, marketing and branding.

United Media (New York, New York, 212-293-8500): Jennifer Buchanan has been promoted to executive director, international licensing. She is responsible for the strategic development of UM properties in the Asian, Middle Eastern and South African markets. Ed Casey joins as executive director of apparel, assuming responsibility for properties such as Peanuts, Dilbert and Miffy. Maggie Palmisano joins as retail service manager. Formerly at Kids `R’ Us, she will now serve as a liaison to that company and other retailers. Toby Simpkins has been appointed manager of advertising and promotion. Jennifer Hall and April Heeren have been named licensing executives.

Universal Consumer Products Group (Universal City, California, 818-777-1000): Jim Wilson has been named VP and GM of Universal Interactive Studios. Wilson will oversee Universal’s interactive games division, in charge of the development and licensing of products.

Universal Studios (Universal City, California, 818-777-1000): Stacey Snider has been renamed president of production for Universal Pictures. Universal and Snider agreed to extend her run as president for another three years. Suzie Peterson has been named executive VP of direct-to-video programming for Universal Family and Home Entertainment Production. She was formerly senior VP of the division. Ruth Crowley-Jacinto is the new senior VP of merchandising for the Universal Studios Recreation Group. She will oversee merchandising, retail operations, product development and all other areas pertaining to Universal Studios’ theme park stores.

Walt Disney Company (Burbank, California, 818-560-1000): Douglas Murphy has been named VP and managing director of the Canadian branch of the Walt Disney Co. Murphy had been the head of The Disney Store Japan since 1996.

Warner Bros. (Burbank, California, 818-954-6290): Kevin McCormick has been appointed executive VP of theatrical production at Warner Bros. He joins WB from Fox 2000, where he had been executive VP since 1995.

Warner Bros. Television (Burbank, California, 818-977-5000): Peter Roth has been appointed president of WB Television. Roth was formerly senior executive in charge of programming at Fox.

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