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Tarzan of the Apes...
February 1, 1999

Tarzan of the Apes

Prebook Date: February 18

Release Date: March 9

Price: US$9.98

Studio: Sony Wonder

Synopsis: Part of Sony Wonder’s ‘Enchanted Tales’ series, this animated musical pic based on the original Tarzan stories by Edgar Rice Burroughs follows the king of the jungle as he struggles to find his place in civilized society.

Advertising: TV and radio spots in major markets.

Promotional Partners: Sony Wonder is offering coupon booklets with discounts from Just Born Candies, Carnival Cruise Lines, Golden Books, Kindercare, Toy Biz, Best Personalized Books, Playhut, Br¿derbund

Retail: POP displays

Bear in the Big Blue House Volumes 5 & 6

Release Date: March 2

Price: TBA

Studio: The Jim Henson Company

Distributor: Columbia TriStar Home Video

Synopsis: The third home video release for Bear, which airs daily as a half-hour program for preschoolers in the U.S. on The Disney Channel. Each tape has a running time of 50 minutes and contains two episodes. Volume 5 features ‘A Wagon of a Different Color’ and ‘Shape of Bear’; Volume 6 has ‘Picture of Health’ and ‘Magic Kitchen.’

Advertising: trailers on other CTHV family releases.

Promotional Partners: Disney Channel, Bear Mall promotion to run in 10 U.S. cities

You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Mall Party and You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Costume Party

Release Date: February 23

Price: US$12.95

Studio: Dualstar Entertainment Group

Distributor: Warner Home Video

Synopsis: Latest two releases in You’re Invited series finds America’s cutest preteens giving their fans a look-see into more areas of their lives. In Mall Party, the Olsen twins sing, dance and try on clothes with their friends at the Mall of America, as well as investigating the mall’s underground aquarium. Continuing with the anthropological theme, Costume Party sees the twins traveling back in time to (what else?) try on the clothes of the past, and to rate the couture of different eras.

Advertising: print (Nickelodeon, Girl’s Life, Disney Adventures, 3-2-1 Contact, DC Comics, Family Fun and People).

Promotions: Mary-Kate & Ashley Sweepstakes; national in-school program, includes airing of both tapes in U.S. schools throughout March and April; beginning in late February, radio stations in major markets will give away Mary-Kate & Ashley Ultimate Gift Packs.

Retail: 18-, 24-, 36- and 48-unit merchandisers.

A Day at Old McDonald’s Farm,

If We Could Talk to the Animals,

I Can Sing Baby Animal Songs!

Release Date: Feb 18

Price: US$12.98

Studio: Sony Wonder and Together Again Productions

Synopsis: Three sing-along titles (30 minutes each) feature classic kids songs, suitable for preschoolers.

Promotional Partners: Coupon booklets offering discounts on products and services from Just Born Candies, Carnival Cruise Lines, Golden Books, Kindercare, Toy Biz, Best Personalized Books, Playhut, Br¿derbund

Retail: 24- and 36-count POP displays

Hard Cash

Release Date: February 9

Price: US$14.98

Studio: MTV

Distributor: SMV

Synopsis: Terminal dweebs Beavis and Butt-Head return to HV to critique more music videos, in between stints of working at Burger World, drilling for oil in a neighbor’s backyard and developing an itch-relieving device called the butt-scratcher. Hard Cash contains eight B&B cartoons, including ‘Hard Sell,’ ‘Temporary Insanity,’ ‘Beaverly Butt-Billies,’ ‘Green Thumbs,’ ‘Whiplash,’ ‘Inventors,’ ‘Yard Sale’ and ‘Baby Sitting.’ Running Time: 50 minutes.

Advertising: print ads will run in animation magazines starting this month.

Retail: 12-, 24- and 36-count displays.

The Rugrats Movie

Prebook Date: February 23

Release Date: March 30

Price: US$26.95 (video), US$29.99 (DVD)

Studio: Nickelodeon Movies

Distributor: Paramount Home Video

Synopsis: Nick’s flagship kids show jumps from TV to film, and now hopes to continue its transition coup in video.

Advertising: Print (TV Guide, People, Nickelodeon Magazine and Woman’s Day) and TV (ABC, CBS, NBC and Nickelodeon).

Promotional Partners: Lincoln-Mercury, Campbell’s and Mott’s; savings booklet containing offers from Oral-B, Simon & Schuster, Br¿derbund, Paramount Home Video, Campbell’s, Nickelodeon Magazine and Rugrats Comic Adventures

Retail: Four POP prepack displays-24-, 48- and 96-piece configurations.

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