CTW Timeline

Spring 1968:...
November 1, 1998

Spring 1968:

Children’s Television Workshop formed.

November 10, 1969:

Sesame Street premieres on U.S.

public television.


First issue of Sesame Street Magazine

is published.


CTW launches licensed product program to provide financial support for educational activities.


CES (Community Education Services)

developed for outreach to communities.

April 1970:

CTW is incorporated as a not-for-profit entity.


Big Bird visits President and

Mrs. Nixon at the White House.


The U.S. version of Sesame Street debuts in Australia.

October 25, 1971:

Electric Company premieres on public television.

January 8, 1973:

CTW launches the first international co-production of Sesame Street in Germany, titled Sesamstrasse (with NDR).

November 20, 1974:

Feelin’ Good, a health show for adults,

premieres on public television.

January 1975:

Feeling bad-Feelin’ Good airs its last show.


Barrio Sesamo, the local co-production in Spain, premieres on Radio Television Espanola (TVE).


Plaza Sesamo, the local co-production in Mexico, premieres on Televisa.

January 14, 1980:

3-2-1 Contact, CTW’s science education series, premieres.


Sesame Place, an interactive amusement park and an extension of the Sesame Street television series, opens in Langhorne, Pennsylvania.


Sesame Street airs in the U.K. for the first time.

August 1985:

CTW feature film, Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird, opens in theaters.

January 1987:

Square One TV, CTW’s math program, premieres on public television.


Encyclopedia premieres on HBO.


Sesame Street PEP (Preschool Education Program) developed for further community

outreach through public TV stations

to reach child-care providers and preschoolers receiving child care.


CTW launches its first on-line service for preschoolers on Prodigy.

October 1992:

Ghostwriter, CTW’s literacy program, premieres on public television.


CRO premieres on ABC.


First CD-ROM, Numbers, released.


CTW begins toy partnership with Tyco; current toy line features over 100 items.


NPS in the Netherlands celebrates the

20th anniversary of Sesamstraat, the

local-language version of Sesame Street.

In celebration of this anniversary, the Dutch post office issues more than 15 million stamps honoring the series, making it the first

television series to be so honored.

January 1996:

Sesame Street wins Japan Prize for best

program in the preschool education category.

June 1996:

Big Bag premieres on Cartoon Network.

October 1996:

CTW and CBS form a Saturday Morning

co-venture to develop programming for CBS’s Saturday morning lineup.

October 1996:

Polish TV begins broadcasting the

first season of Ulica Sezamkowa.

October 1996:

Sesame Park, the Canadian co-production,

premieres on CBC.

October 22, 1996:

CTW launches international co-production

of Sesame Street in Russia (with Video Art) titled Ulitsa Sezam.

December 1996:

Tickle Me Elmo becomes the hottest-selling toy of the Christmas season.

Spring 1997:

CTW Web site ( launches.

May 1997:

CTW signs a deal with Discovery Kids Latin America to air the first non-English version of Ghostwriter in the international marketplace.

August 1997:

CTW and Kmart introduce an exclusive

line of Sesame Street clothes for newborns, infants and toddlers.

September 1997:

New Ghostwriter Mysteries premieres on CBS.

September 1997:

USAID awards CTW a grant to produce two seasons of an Arabic-language version of Sesame Street.

September 1997:

Sacatruc, the French-language co-production of Big Bag, premieres in France on Canal J.

November 1997:

USAID awards CTW a grant to produce

outreach, radio and television programs for South Africa.

December 1997:

Sing & Snore Ernie becomes one of the most popular preschool Christmas toy items.

February 2, 1998:

CTW launches international co-production of Sesame Street in China with Shanghai Television called Zhima Jie.

April 1998:

Rechov Sumsum/Shara’a Simsim, an Israeli/Palestinian co-production of Sesame Street (with Israel Educational Television and

Al Quads Educational Broadcasting) debuts.

April 1998:

CTW and Nickelodeon announce the formation of Noggin, a joint-venture educational digital cable channel to debut in January 1999.

May 1998:

Local co-production of Big Bag premieres on ITV in the U.K.

Fall 1998:

Redesigned Web site launched.

November 16, 1998:

Sesame Street begins its 30th season in the U.S.

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