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Title: Casper Meets Wendy...
September 1, 1998

Title: Casper Meets Wendy

Release Date: September 22

Price: US$19.98

Studio: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Synopsis: In this vid, which mixes live-action with animation, Casper joins forces with Wendy the Witch to battle evil warlock, Desmond Spellman. Marks the second DTV Casper release for 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Advertising: National campaign covering print (Fox Kids Magazine, Parade, Disney Adventures, Entertainment Weekly and DC Comics), radio and TV (all major cable nets), and bus panels.

Promotions: US$2 mail-in rebate with proof of purchase of Casper Meets Wendy and Casper, A Spirited Beginning videos.

US$5 video mail-in rebate with proof of purchase of three Hershey’s candy products and two General Mills monster cereals.

Title: Bear in the Big Blue House Volumes 1 & 2

Release Date: September 15

Price: US$12.95

Studio: Jim Henson Home Entertainment

Distributor: Columbia TriStar Home Video

Synopsis: Both of these preschool-targeted titles mark their debut on home video. Each tape consists of two episodes: Volume 1 features ‘Home is Where the Bear Is’ and ‘What’s in the Mail Today?’; Volume 2 features ‘Friends for Life’ and ‘The Big Little Visitor.’

Advertising: National TV spots running on TNT, TBS, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, TV Land, YTV, Lifetime and Global Television Network.

In-Store Features: Retailers get a choice of a counter display (holds 15 units), and three sizes (30,45,60 units) of floor displays.

Title: Quest for Camelot

Pre-book Date: September 15

Release Date: October 13

Price: US$22.95

Studio: Warner Home Video

Synopsis: Classic medieval tale retold in animated form.

Advertising: National campaign covering all media. Print ads will run in Family Fun, People, Entertainment Weekly, Parents and Disney Adventures. TV spots will run on all major cable networks. Quest trailers will appear at the end of other WHV family releases, such as Addams Family Reunion and Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, as well as at the end of Continental Airlines in-flight programming.

Promotions: Act II popcorn (mail-in offer for free Devon & Cornwall pencil and pencil topper); Smucker’s (mail-in offer for free beanbag plush of Quest characters); Continental Airlines (discounts on fares, and chance to win a trip to England as part of ‘Vacation in a Castle’ Sweepstakes); Best Western Hotels (discounts on hotel rates inserted in each copy of video); American Express (free snow globe with US$50 purchase using American Express card); UNICEF (three million Quest-themed UNICEF trick-or-treat collection boxes to be distributed to schools and community groups, plus pictures of Quest characters will appear on 12 million milk cartons along with UNICEF public service announcement, and WB will introduce a Halloween ‘Quest for Education with UNICEF’ contest on its Web site at Other promos include free on-pack Devon & Cornwall pendant with purchase of Quest video.

In-Store Features: Retailers can choose from three sizes of displays-24-,48- and 96-unit merchandisers. Latter two displays come with a free Cornwall & Devon plush toy.

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