KidScreen Retail: Long Hall releases Nickelodeon camera

Long Hall Technologies of Farmingdale, New York, is launching the first Nickelodeon-branded camera at this month's Winter Consumer Electronics Show....
January 1, 1998

Long Hall Technologies of Farmingdale, New York, is launching the first Nickelodeon-branded camera at this month’s Winter Consumer Electronics Show.

Lawrence Richenstein, a partner in Long Hall Technologies, acknowledges that parents may be hesitant to buy a camera for their children, because the price of buying and developing film can make the product a ‘rather expensive endeavor.’

But unlike a typical camera, which takes one photo per frame of film, the PhotoBlaster captures four different pocketsize pictures per frame. This means that kids take 96 shots on a roll of 24-exposure film. The camera uses standard 35mm film and processing.

For parents, this represents a savings of up to 75 percent on buying and processing film, says Richenstein. And the PhotoBlaster gives its target audience, kids age six to 12, the freedom to be creative and snap lots of photos. Plus, the smaller pictures are great for cutting and pasting or sharing with friends.

Additional features of the PhotoBlaster include the Big Red Button and Green Slime found on the Nickelodeon TalkBlaster telephone and TimeBlaster digital clock radio, two focus-free lenses, a built-in flash and a wrist strap for security.

Target, Amway, FAO Schwarz, Zany Brainy and Hills, as well as the Sears catalogue, offered the camera in limited quantities during the holiday season. It will become widely available throughout the U.S. this spring at an estimated street price of US$29.99. Release in Canada is planned for late first quarter, and Long Hall is in discussions about distributing the camera in other territories.

Richenstein says a lot of effort went into the packaging to explain the product’s benefits. The PhotoBlaster is bundled with two AA Kodak batteries and a roll of 12-exposure Kodak film.

Long Hall is supporting the launch with print ads in Nickelodeon Magazine and other kid-oriented publications, and is considering efforts in parenting magazines.

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