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Chris Lacroix...
November 1, 1997

Chris Lacroix

Director of promotions, PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

Career at a Glance:

* Received a BA from Loyola University in Chicago.

* Started as an account executive in public relations at Hill & Knowlton in Chicago.

* Decided to go ‘creative’ and took a job as a copywriter at Davidson Marketing.

* Held several positions at Davidson, including creative director and director of entertainment marketing.

* Joined PolyGram Filmed Entertainment in his current position in September 1997.

The New Job:

As director of promotions, Lacroix will develop promotions and solicit corporate tie-ins for PolyGram Films and Gramercy Pictures, which distributes films for Working Title Films, Interscope Communications and Propaganda Films, among others.

The Challenge:

‘The challenge will be bringing what I learned on the corporate side of the table to the studio side. In many respects, the two worlds were never meant to meet. The time lines, the lingo and the internal processes are all so different. But opposites attract. And movie promotions can be so powerful when the fit is right. Hopefully, my past experiences will help me clear a smooth path for PolyGram partners.’

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