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Cathy Snow...
September 1, 1997

Cathy Snow

Director of kids marketing and promotions, KFC

Career at a glance

* Received a BA in marketing management from Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1984.

* Joined Pizza Hut Inc. as an assistant manager.

* In 1985, became senior account coordinator for Carlson Marketing in Dayton, Ohio.

* Joined Wendy’s International Inc. in 1988 as an assistant brand manager, where she had total brand responsibility for the kids meal program.

* Moved to LifeSavers Company, a division of Nabisco, in 1990, and held several promotional positions, including group promotion manager.

The new job

Appointed director of kids marketing and promotions for KFC. In this role, Snow is responsible for the development and implementation of the strategic plan for kids, including the kids meal program, as well as other new kids initiatives. In addition, she is responsible for development of integrated marketing and promotion plans for all KFC products on the advertising calendar.

The challenge

‘To provide our restaurant general managers with the best, most innovative promotions for both kids and adults, and figure out a way to use promotions in a low transaction/high check average business to help drive transactions and build traffic.’

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