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- Dupuis acquires Mediatoon...
April 1, 1997

- Dupuis acquires Mediatoon

France-based Dupuis Audiovisuel has bought out Canadian animation company Mediatoon. ‘We want to give Mediatoon a more aggressive orientation,’ says Leon Perahia, Dupuis Audiovisuel’s general manager. According to Perahia, the sale will not change Mediatoon’s mandate or any previous agreements with CLT. But the subsidiary will aim to produce three animated series each year, says Perahia.

-Mayfair and Cambium form partnership

Mayfair Entertainment International (MEI), a global film sales company and Mayfair Television Entertainment (MTE), an international television distributor, both based in London, have partnered with the Toronto-based production and international sales company Cambium. Immediate plans for the partnership include consolidating the two companies’ resources in the production and international distribution of animation, children’s, family and lifestyle programming, original dramas and documentaries.

-Bohbot expands

Bohbot Entertainment has expanded its Bohbot Kids Network programming block to 104 television station affiliates across the U.S., representing about 75 percent of the U.S. market, and expects to have 84 percent of the market covered by the start of the fall season.

Bohbot says it is now the sixth-largest supplier of children’s programming in the U.S.

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